I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

As Far East As We Can Get

Aka, we are in Wellfleet! Okay Provincetown is further East…but we ‘ll be there in a few hours! (Scottcakes.com here we come).

Jack and I left at 5:30 yesterday morning and arrived safely at the Pancake Man by 9am. Jack ordered the strawberry pancakes and I ordered plain with a side of peanut butter. Yum!

We had time to kill on arrival day because the house isn’t ready until 1 or 2…sooo we took Jack to Pirates Cove where he proceeded to get crazy on some arcade games. He played one where you watch a light race around a course and you have to hit the stop button and try to have it stop on the Jackpot light. If so you will win a zillion tickets which you can turn in for prizes at the counter. Jack played twice. Two tokens. On the second try he hit the jackpot. Little lucky sh*t. And 186 tickets popped out. He chosee a stop watch for his prize, which had to be programmed “immediately” by me, while reading badly translated instructions on the back which I think were originally written in a far off language. “Push B to time set clock if you wish to have time right” and “pushing A and B at same time makes for functions not working. Do not do this!” Etc. Have I mentioned that I have the patience of a saint and got the darn thing to work?!!

……Now Jack is using the stop watch to point out my parenting shortcomings.

Jack: Mom, it literally took you 7 minutes on the dot to go out to the car and get my book bag! What were you doing??? (He frantically pushes the buttons to reset the stop watch to time my answer)

me: Are you enjoying lounging in bed with your stop watch? Sheesh…..

From Pirates Cove we visited the Cape Cat (where Jack ticked off the owner by saying loudly “we are only staying in here 5 minutes, and I’m timing it! Beep beep!! The owner then told Jack that he was welcome to leave any time he wanted ha ha.) and then drive to Eastham…where they were having a Windmill Day Festival. Jack had fun in the “wipeout” style bouncy house and then we toured the inside of the Eastham Windmill. It was very cool! I met a local elderly resident and semi-famous artist, and we talked about design, illustration (we both have degrees) and writing our first books (which we are both trying to do, though his is about to be published and mine hasn’t been started yet. Ahem.) Very interesting just the same!

Lunch at Mac’s Seafood of course (fried clams, yum again) and then over to the skate park so jack could get schooled by another 9 year old. Frustrations ran a little high. 😦

We then got into the house and unloaded our gear. The first thing we did was look for the A/C switch because it was 86 and huuuuuuuuumid! Totally no oxygen happening in Wellfleet at that particular time.

We then walked through town and visited our favorite stores (Sick Day and Abiyoyo). Picked up some pizza for dinner, baked an apple pie, watched some TV about sharks (there are so many shark sitings on the Cape this year that the Wellfleet drive-in theater is humorously showing “Jaws”!!), played trivial pursuit in the backyard while swinging in the hammock and then passed out asleep from exhaustion! Day 1 complete!!

Did I wear you out too?

Here are some of the things I heard throughout the day. Jack had a lot of sh*t to say…

– Can I use the iPad for the entire ride to Cape Cod? (I said no of course and doled it out in 20-minute increments.)

– Alex got a new Guinea pig because he traded in his rat. You couldn’t even touch that thing. But his sister got to name it and she picked Annabelle.

– I need a new skateboard. Right now. Mine stinks.

– I love being back in Cape Cod!! (Followed by Jack inhaling deeply and smelling it all)

– Remember last year when we saw the big dead sunfish right here and it had the big chunk taken out of it?? I hope we see another one.

– You never let me do anything that I want to do!! This trip is always all about you!!!! (Um…???)

– I just want to stay here and watch bad tv all night.

– Your arms are so mushy! It’s great!

– Even though I don’t believe I the tooth fairy, I still get the cash because it’s my tooth she’s taking. (Haha)

– (this morning at 7am) Time to wake up! Can I use the iPad!!!

Well I’m sure Jack will have lots more to say in the upcoming days. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted! 🙂





3 responses

  1. Too long since I’ve been to the Cape….sigh.


    September 8, 2014 at 9:49 am

    • The week after Labor Day… Officially the best week to go all year. I’m on maybe 7 years straight now with sublime weather!


      September 8, 2014 at 9:57 am

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