I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Sherpy Derp

Do you know what your kids are saying? I’m trying to keep up! Here’s a bit of what I hear around my house…

Sherp Derp. As in “that’s so derpy”. Is that good? I don’t know!

Wubba or Wubza – I think this means What or Repeat please…

Wazzle – use in place of “pee”. I have to wazzle!

Shnoz – nope it doesn’t mean Nose anymore. What’s the opposite of Pee? “Oh my god I have to take a shnoz!” Or, “That’s the color of shnoz dude!” Ugh…

Beeteedubs – an oldie for sure but it’s all the rage in 5th grade. Short for “by the way” or text talk “BTW” so bee tee dubs… BT Dubs I’m getting a headache.

Ig Bromon – this might be his friend’s gaming name????

Doughnut – if you poke someone in the belly button you are “doughnutting” them. It hurts bee tee dubs!!



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