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1 month, no sugar

So THAT happened. We (mostly) avoided all added sugar for one month. Jack had a few ice creams at school but that was it. I had nothing for one whole month! And I felt great! Thinner. Smarter. Able to leap tall piles of clothes and toys in a single bound…

Until yesterday.

In September I said “let’s make it through one month.”

And of course I said “then we can have our Halloween candy as a treat.” Yay.

“It’ll be great.” I said.

Ask me how I feel today? Ugh. I have a sugar hangover.

I had cereal for breakfast yesterday with Jack. Carbs. Then at work the candy brigade started. A peanut butter cup here, a Hershey mini there. I was not hungry for lunch at all. And I had a wicked buzz going on. But not a good productive kind. More like I had ADHD Jack was at school still eating healthy so his buzz wouldn’t be coming for a few hours.

I ordered pizza for everyone that would be coming over before we went out trick or treating. I ate some. More carbs. I don’t think I had a gram of protein all day! I had a headache and then got nauseous. But it faded and I had a few more pieces of Jack’s candy when we got home at the end of the night. Wouldn’t you? It was my free pass day.

Ugh. I told Jack how I was feeling and said he might not like how the candy made him feel.

Jack dug into a Butterfinger and a Hershey bar and I told him that was it for the night. He still had a few friends over to trade candy and play games, so they were pretty occupied now. And wired!

me: So how do you feel?

Jack: I don’t think the sugar did anything to me. I feel the same.

I looked at the clock. 11:45 and he was still going. Uh huh, no effect at all.

Btw, I hid his candy and so far he hasn’t asked for it. A friend slept over and he hasn’t asked for HIS bag either! And today I had an egg white and spinach omelette.

Next allowable sugar day: THANKSGIVING!

The boys are currently making ipad videos that start with “Hey YouTube, Jack here. And, BOY did I eat a lot of beans last night…”


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