The week in pictures

Now maybe, just maybe, my phone will comply with uploading more than one photo.

Each time I open my phone I get a new little surprise from Jack in the form of a scary selfie. I haven’t given him the unlock code on my new phone, so I think it’s his way of getting back at me.

me: It’s a work phone, Jack. I can’t have you pawing all over it downloading stuff.

Jack: You used to let me do that!

me: You had strict rules not to get any games unless they were approved by me first.

Jack: But they were free!

me: You’re missing the point. I need to approve everything first.

Jack: But was an EDUCATIONAL game.

me: Same rule applies.

Jack: I guess you don’t want me to learn then??

me: Jack…

Jack: Never mind. I left you a “present” on your phone.

me: It better not be rude or inappropriate.

Jack: You’re rude and inappropriate.

me: Sigh…







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