Math multiple choice question from a 9 year old

Jack and his friend were in the back seat of my car having a debate on the current methods of math they teach now.

me: Did you do your Xtramath?

Jack: I did two at “friend”‘s house.

me: His computer?

Jack: Yeah. But there’s no point to math so who cares!?

me: When you grow up you use math every day.

Jack: No, I use the toilet every day!

me: Lovely.

Jack: Here’s a math multiple choice for you…
What is math???
A. Totally boring
B. Completely useless
C. A great place to take a nap
D. All of the above?

Jack’s Friend: Oh oh it’s D. All of the above!

me: You need to learn it for when you guys grow up.

Jack’s Friend: No it’s useless! They teach you the useless kindergarten box counting method. What if there’s a fire and you have to count the number of hoses you need? People will burn if you take out your pencil and start drawing boxes to count!!

me: Well you have a point there…

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