Happy belated new year etc…


I’m way behind on posting! It’s already a week into the new year and I haven’t said anything about the sh*t Jack has been saying!

He’s currently running around the house with his iPod belted to his chest making first person black Ops videos. A little silly since it’s my black woven leather belt…but still…

We are only just clearing out the Christmas decorations. The tree is still up though I did take the decorations down. It’s such a big beast that I’m a little scared to take it down and try to get it outside… Ugh…

However the FRIGID temps have been keeping us inside also, no trips to the dump, no yard work. No doing anything. I had to shovel the driveway yesterday when I got home from work and I literally did the entire thing in about a half hour because I raced around to keep warm. Already looking for summer to get here…

Here’s what’s being said right now as he facetimes his friend.

Jack: Are you playing FNAF? I can’t get past level 5 it’s so hard. … Yeah there is! … Duuuude … No I’m not hanging up…. Grangelos… Ow … Ow… Can you see me or no? … Cool… Yeah same here … Alright I gotta go … Cuz… Chill …

Such boys. 🙂

me: Enough iPod, time to put it away.

Jack: Hold on…

me: Now.

Jack: One sec…

me: Uh uh, hand it over. When you don’t listen, you lose the privilege.

Jack: Ugh! The only reason I get cool things for Christmas is so you have more things to use against me.

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