I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Invention Convention

Jack LOVES science. Therefore he’s loving his science project, which is to create an invention that solves a problem and then launch it at the Invention Convention in May at his school.

Jack of course decided to invent something that helps to detect tree nuts, or any food allergen, in food. We’ve had to research patents, speak with allergists, look up antibodies as protein probes, Google allergen detectors and come up with a prototype. Whew.

His teacher is thoroughly impressed and said if Jacks invention doesn’t quite work out the way he envisions it, he will help Jack to do another one in time for the convention.

Jack said in his own words: I want this invention to lift a weight off the shoulders of the world.

me: Do your friends like your invention?

Jack: Eh. I don’t know.

me: Well what are they doing? Are they as scientific and involved as yours??

Jack: Well one kid is doing a magnet in a glove so a ball will magnetize to it.

me: Oh.



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