What’s the opposite of integration?

Jack: And you know what Mrs. C calls Youseff? YOseff. Hahahaha.

me: That’s not that far off…

Jack: And she calls Megan Morgan. Ha! And she calls Lewis Anthony.

me: Is she doing it to be funny?

Jack: No! She like seriously doesn’t know anyone’s name.

me: What does she call you?

Jack: Jack.

me: Well with the number of times you’ve gotten in trouble in that class, I guess she knows you pretty well Eh?

Jack: My name’s easy.

me: That must be it. How can she call Megan Morgan? That’s so weird. Is this Megan from last year?

Jack: Yeah.

me: Do you still talk to her?

Jack: We don’t talk to anyone.

me: Ohhh wait, is it boys huddled over here and girls over there?

Jack: Yeah it’s like segregation, except we’re nice to each other.



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