Happy Mother’s Day!!! with auto corrects left intact

my gift to myself! To post and correct nothing! Not that missed Cap at the beginning, not anything! Oh don’t poo PPP, (see? “Poo poo”) this will save me an hour. I can still type what I should have said at a faster pace than going back and correcting with this one thumb…


Actually I lied. The title should have had this eord on Oy (word in ot$) sigh WORD IN IT. “Smothers” but I wanted the title to make sense. Since I won’t ..,

It’s my 11th Morhers Day and I’m on the 11th doctor in Dr. Wei (who!!)  it must mean something! Or not.

Jack is at a sleepover and I got yo sleep in. Well sorta. I’m going for a long walk in a few minutes. So I better hurry this up. 

I’m wondering if jack made me a card or anything this year? I’m guessing not because he’s at his friend’s and was frankly more worried about the fact that I was packing him “clean” underwear.

Jack: No one cares about that Mommmm! 

me: I do.

Jack: But you’re not gonna be there. There’s no time! I just wake up and wear this! (He gestures to the clorhes he is currently wearing and also tells me he will be sleeping in the same furry clorhes (dirty clothes) and I can’t stop him.

me: Then why do you even need this bag to carry all your stuff. Just go over like that. Skip brushing and flossing and just be filthy.

Jack: (thinking i have turned into the dream mom) Really???

me: No. Now change your underwear now so I don’t have to worry about it.

Jack: Sighhh. This is why your friends don’t invite YOU over for sleepovers.

… Guys, is that really why? Have you all had sleepovers WITHOUT me?!



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