Subaru Confessions

Subaru Confessions – Squirrels of the World

me: Ohh look at the little squirrel that just ran across the street!

Jack: Awwww! He just made it… Mom, guess what, in Central Park there was this squirrel and he was going for an apple and then well first he was sitting on a fence and then this guy came so he jumped down and then he went back up… But after that he went for this huge Apple and he was trying to carry it away but it was just a core but still… It was bigger than him! 

me: Yeah squirrels don’t know about garbage and germs…. Or anything like that. 

Jack: They’re smart, mom.

me: But not about cities and buildings and all the stuff we know.

Jack: They know about buildings because they climb on them.

me: But they don’t know about building them and taxes and that there’s a whole world and not just their neighborhood. They know food, shelter, making babies and avoiding danger. That’s it. Oh and how to do elaborate puzzles.

Jack: What are you talking about?

me: On TV they show scientists making these crazy mazes and the squirrels have to figure them out to get food. Like go through this tunnel and open this slider and crawl on this rope and pull this lever and a pellet comes down.

Jack: Cool.

me: So actually they’re smart about that. You should have a squirrel club and learn about them haha. Squirrels of the world. 

Jack: Nah, Gavin would take that over. (A friend of his that REALLY likes squirrels). 

me: Tha’s his favorite animal still?

Jack: Yeah. But this other kid’s favorite animal is a pigeon. Sooooo…

me: Okaayyy…Squirrel is not that bad I guess. 🙂 


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