One call a week (from the school)

I joke about getting one call a week from Jack’s school. Either he said something or did something or DIDN’T do something, or got hurt or upset or forgot his clothes for basketball. Sighhh!

But seriously I was at the gym at lunch yesterday and had 2 messages from the school “its NOT an emergency, but please call back”. Ugh! What now? 

Apparently Jack’s bus driver made Jack move seats because he was being too rowdy on Monday. He didn’t appreciate it and told his friend that she’s an idiot. The bus patrol kid overheard and told the bus driver who told the school, and now I’m driving him to school for the rest of the week. Grrrr.

I was at the busstop waiting for Mr. Mouthy yesterday afternoon.

me: Hi! What’s new?? How was school?

Jack: (mildly on alert) It was good. 

me: Anything going on I need to know about?

Jack: Ummm the bus driver still thinks I have to sit in the front so maybe you should write an email because that’s not fair.

me: (mock horror voice) Sit up front?? How is that possible if you’re not riding the bus?

Jack: (looks at me, sighs) Mom! It wasn’t even fair! I just said idiot to my friend NOT to the driver!! 

me: But you got caught. You can think anything you like but as soon as you say it out loud you risk getting in trouble if it’s something mean or rude. You know that.

Jack: That’s not even why I can’t ride the bus.

me: What are you talking about?

Jack: I got in trouble because we had a substitute that didn’t know the route so I “jokingly” suggested that we show her the way to Dairy Queen and get ice cream, and then we could leave “bus patrol girl” there. 

me: Sigh. (Then I sort of joke) How about this? No more talking on the bus. Only breathing and sitting is allowed. You have one week left for Pete’s sake.

Jack: (takes me seriously) But talking is my life!!!!!

(Don’t I know it)


7 thoughts on “One call a week (from the school)”

  1. Well, If I’d been kicked off the bus, My Mom would have killed me. (it was a 10 mile ride.)
    My punishment: Another kid told a joke; I laughed — hard. Bus driver didn’t appreciate my laughing; sent me to the principal where I got THE PADDLE! One swat to the butt.
    It was a long time ago, when spanking was allowed.


      1. No sista!!! I’d get the call and I’d say how was your day in a weird way I guess and he’d get suspicious. Then he’d say finnnne? I’d say are you sure? Then it would be well Johnny did this whatever thing first! Oh well that makes it OK then. :/


      2. Lol yes he’s always wary when I ask how the day was. Like I didn’t just get a call from the principal!! Haha!


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