I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Class party calamities!

me: Well?? How was the party??

Jack: Ok.

me: That’s it?

Jack: Yeah

(Later with a friend in the car…)

Jack: Oh remember when the kid fell on the pavement and had like 4 concussions? And then when the 2 water snakes were in the lake and they made everyone get out and someone said they were poisonous? Haha! And then when it rained and we had to go under the pavilion… It was so much fun. And then the fire alarm went off! It was like a disaster party. And we couldn’t even use the Zipline because the camp counselors don’t work on Spring. It was literally the best food I had ever eaten in my life. I took extra Ruffles chips and stuffed them in my backpack they were Sooo good and I knew I was gonna be hungry later….

me: Jack

Jack: Huh?

me: Why didn’t you tell me all that before??

Jack: I did!


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