Who’s he trying to impress?

I should have taken a photo…

Jack fussed over his clothes and hit today, I didn’t have to repeatedly ask him to get ready. He went into his closet and pulled out a button up shirt to wear over his tshirt. To camp. Sleeves casually slouched over his elbows. Buttons checked and rechecked. Then he tucked his tshirt in because it was too long. Slowly brushes his long hair over to one side.

I told him he looked great and he was genuinely happy. πŸ™‚

Jack: I need more of these shirts for6th  grade, mom.

me: Ok we can do that.

Jack: Thanks:

me: (liking the manners!) So who are you dressing for today?

Jack: (slowly looks at me as if I have grown two heads) Myself!

And the moment passes. Ah well! πŸ™‚


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