The wonder of it all…

Blog posts are fun because you get to think up a new title for each entry. I think it would be hard for me to write a novel and settle on just one title for all eternity. 

I’m chock full of book titles but can’t seem to decide which one will spark the theme for my great American novel. Oh it’s coming… You have been warned. 

Jack was scribbling furiously in the back seat of the car in a small sketch book. He handed me the book to look at when he was done. 


me: What’s that for? Cool bubble letters..

Jack: Let me see… (He takes the book back, draws some more and hands it back.)


me: Those are nice words. What’s it for? Is that something you did at school? 

(One more time)


me: Are you wondering about something?

Jack: No. (He draws an entire phrase in retro bubble letters and looks pleased with himself. He hands it back to me.)

“If you can dream it you can do it”

me. That’s very nice and very true! Is that a quote from your teacher?

Jack: It’s Walt Disney, Mom geez.

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