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Jack reads blog posts

I had the first two years of blog posts printed out as books. Back when I didn’t have a bazillion posts. And sometimes Jack reads them. He was 5 and 6 in those books and the things he used to say really cracks him up. Me too actually. 🙂

Jack: Mom, let me read your blog books before bed. They’re so funny!

me: Yeah? Ok… You know that’s why I started the blog in the first place right? 

Jack: I can’t believe all the stuff I used to say!

me: If I didn’t write it all down, I would have forgotten most of it. I mean I would still remember that you were a funny boy but not all the specific conversations…

Jack: Do you still write it?

me: Yeah, I thought you knew that!

Jack: Every day?

me: Nah, like once a week if I’m lucky. I’m too busy but I make time when I remember.

Jack: Every Friday?

me: It’s random… (Like right now at 7am)

Jack: Mom, I say way more stuff than once a week. You’re gonna still miss a lot.

And…he’s right. I’ll try to take better notes during the week because it’s simply that I forget it all if I don’t post quickly! There’s too much sh*t being said! Haha.

Jack has been following in my footsteps sort of, and started his own You Tube channel called “Trick Shots & Stuff”. Mostly showing how he does trick shots with ping pong balls or on a pool table (n stuff haha). If you search on You Tube for that exact name under Channels, you’ll see it. I tried to get him to pick a better title but his friends all say Ooohh what a cool title dude! So there you go. What do I know!!??

All of Jack’s friends watch these guys on a channel called Dude Perfect. It’s pretty cool even for us dinosaurs. 🙂

Just Google them. I tried to paste the link but my phone internet and WordPress are not playing nicely today!! 


3 thoughts on “Jack reads blog posts”

  1. Mom, you gotta get over thinking you know more than them! You totally nail how boys are, love your style! Also my daughter just asked me if I still blog and I fed her ego and said yes then irritated her when I said I still write about her brother since it is supposed to be “her” blog!

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