A day in Provincetown 

Oh how we’ve missed you Provincetown since last year. Scott Cakes, the anchor, beach glass, seafood, and the colorful people. 

We spent the day eating, beach combing, and wandering the streets ducking into whatever shop caught our eye.

Jack got a piano lesson from a stranger, I bought and then returned a box of melted saltwater taffy, we ate roasted Brussels sprouts of all things, I drove down commercial street, we watched a movie being filmed, and I helped a British guy discover that he could untangle the two horseshoes and a ring puzzle in the puzzle store. 


Jack: There was a British guy?

me: Gah, you scared me. Stop reading as I type. Yes there was a British guy. (I didn’t realize that Jack was watching over my shoulder as I posted this!)

He is now hysterical because he is grabbing me leg and making mushy sounds. Sigh. Time for the beatings to begin. 


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