Detours are the best

Jack and I are heading home from Cape Cod. To break up the 3.5-hour ride we like to take different detours or side routes and stop and visit things we’ve never seen. 

Today’s detour took us through Groton, CT and we visited the USS Nautilus Submarine Museum. Closed Tuesdays, FREE every other day! Yay!

We toured the submarine and then the museum. Both were very cool and informative, and I mentioned Free, right?

By the way, my 3pm sugar craving is kicking in again, thanks Scottcakes!! So NOW I’ll start my sugar-free year, heh heh. UGH.

me: Oohh we can stop at that seafood place we ate at last time when we went to the beach.

Jack: I’m in!

me: Way better than Subway again. Bleh. And, they have that awesome ice cream, remember?

Jack: Yesss!

me: Wait, I think the ice cream is cash only.

Jack: (mild panic) Do you have cash? 

me: Ah, no…

Jack: Awww I hate that place!!!

me: Though I think they have an ATM. How bad do we want ice cream?

Jack: Usually pretty bad, Mom. 

Ok, no sugar starts tomorrow! 

Seriously. I mean it. 









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