School, Subaru Confessions

Subaru Confessions – Middle School

Jack: In Sweden they have this wall of gum and everyone sticks their old gum on there. 

me: It’s in Seattle.

Jack: Seattle, Sweden, same diff.

me: Not really…

Jack: The guy from Dude Perfect stuck a book to the wall there.

me: Ew, that’s gross.

Jack: No that’s awesome.


Jack: Guess what, I figured out the best way to be first on the bus after school.

me: This should be good.

Jack: So, before last period, you go get everything ready that you need and put it in your backpack in your locker. Then, you set up your locker combination by dialing the first two numbers and then leaving it right before the last number, and so when you get there after the last class you only have to do the last number.  

Then you’re like click, grab, slam, done! It’s like one second!

me: Why do you need to be first on the bus?

Jack: To get the best seat, duh…

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