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Change the school, not me

Last night…

me: Jack it’s late, 2 more minutes then lights out.

Jack: No I’m drawing. I’ll finish when I’m done.

me: Now it’s one minute. 

Jack: No.

me: Lights out now if you’re gonna be fresh. You need your rest.

Jack: I don’t need rest AND I’m not produce mom!

This morning…6:05…

Jack: Mommmm!!

me: (running upstairs) Wha—?

Jack: I have to pee.

me: It’s time to get up actually. 

Jack: (looks at the clock) WHAT??!! I’m not getting up now!!! CALL THE SCHOOL AND TELL THEM TO CHANGE THE HOURS!! KIDS CANT GET UP THIS EARLY!!!

The phrase “told ya so” was on the tip of my tongue.

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