What are you more afraid of??

We watched a Goosebumps movie tonight on Netflix. Usually corny, and with really bad acting. Well, this one had both of those, but surprisingly it also had some scary parts. Lots of buildup, so I sort of enjoyed being a little spooked.

There was this really scary part where the Evil Thing was lurking outside the kid’s house. Parents are of course away at a Halloween party. They showed it in the first person view as the Thing crept up to the house. Then they showed it peeking in the kitchen window. Cut to the kids in the kitchen. Older sister is telling the younger brother to go brush his teeth. And just out of sight in the window, you can see the creature peeking in. The little kid goes to the bathroom, brushes his teeth and then grabs a huge pumpkin-shaped cookie and sneaks a few bites. Jack looks shocked.

me: Oh geez wasn’t that scary? The Thing peeking in the window?

Jack: I’m more scared of the cavities that kid is gonna get than I am of the monster.

And that’s why he’s my son. 🙂

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