I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Happy New Year! And no …we don’t have cable…

Yeah, so…we haven’t had cable for maybe 5 years. It hasn’t been a problem at all… Until tonight.  
I’ve rigged up a digital antenna whenever I need to watch something “live”, like the superbowl, or World Cup or like a debate or something. No biggie. The rest of the time we watch Netflix. Or rent movies on Apple TV.

But tonight, two of Jack’s friends are sleeping over and I just pulled them away from their Star Wars marathon to come watch the countdown. Live. On TV.

me: 38 minutes guys! Wanna watch? 

Jack: Do you have it on the right channel?

me: Not yet. Hold on the signal is wigging out. Stop moving. 

I literally have to go adjust the digital rabbit ears in the window. Jack’s friends watch with horrified and confused looks on their faces.

Friend 1: Is that thing making the TV work? In the window???

me: Uhhh, we don’t have cable, so this is how we get channels.

Jack: It only works if I stand over here right Mom?

me: Uhhh. (Slightly embarrassed) Heh heh. (I keep adjusting)

Friend 2: Is this like the olden days kind of TV?

me: No, it’s a real TV but we pay nothing for cable… That’s all. Oh crap the signal stinks. Sigh. (I laugh self consciously) Ummm this is how we have to get local channels, that’s all. (Adjust, adjust)

Jack: Is this the ball dropping? It doesn’t look like Times Square! Who’s that???

me: It’s Pit Bull, so it’s probably Miami. Sigh. I don’t know. 

Jack: It’s just guys rapping! Can’t we watch New York??

Friend 1: Yeah that’s not the ball dropping. Let’s go watch illuminati videos on my phone til midnight.

me: Sigh.


May 2016 be filled with all the channels you can handle!!

And yeah, all 3 boys just saw this and said WHAT????



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