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5 things I MUST do! I’m so behind!

Sooo behind…On life… It’s piling up ūüė¶

(That’s Jack playing with Snapchat)

I’m still digging out from the new year and yeah the holidays believe it or not, and now the aftermath of Jack’s birthday etc etc. omg!**

**And that opening paragraph sat there for two days. Ugh! So busy!! Let me continue as I ride the train home from NYC right now…

Ok, my list of things to DO!!!

5. Stop eating sugar.

Jack: (talking to a friend) And that’s why we can’t buy anything sweet, mom will eat it all. (Whatever!)

4. Get my house ready to sell. Hide all the personal items again. Give it a facelift.

Jack: And what’s the point, no one wants our house and our real estate agent is no good and we’re gonna be stuck here forever! (5 minutes later…) I don’t want to move!!! Wahhhhh!!! Just earn more money! (How simple, wish I had thought of that!)

3.  Change the photo on this blog. Sigh. Soon.

Jack: Can you teach me Photoshop?

me: Sure. You can help me change the photo at the top of my blog. (Our blog? No, it’s mine.) I have to update it to say you’re 11 now.want to help?

Jack: I want to do something cool!

me: That’s a good starting lesson. It takes time to learn the tools in Photoshop. You’re not gonna be an expert in one day. It’ll be fun!

Jack: I’m already a expert!

2. Clear out the old, donate what I don’t want and trash the rest! Early spring cleaning.

Jack: Can we go to Goodwill? They have awesome nerf guns for like $2. Alex keeps finding awesome ones!

me: Ok, if that’s how you want to spend your money.

Jack: It is! And look, they have cool stuff for filming like this tripod and stuff for trick shots like these golf clubs… And look! Didn’t I used to have this game? (Uh oh has he spotted something of his I’ve donated?)

me: How about we just get the one tripod and leave the other stuff here?

(Why do I feel like we are bringing more junk BACK to the house than we are getting rid of?? I swear we may actually be buying our own stuff back…)

1. Make an appointment for my back issue. I pinched something last July and I’m still trying to ignore it, and it hasn’t changed or gotten better at all.

Jack: Here, I’ll hold your knees together and then you try to press them out. That’ll help. (He does this once.) OK now do mine.

me: But you’re not hurt. This is supposed to help ME get better.

Jack: You won’t get better. You’re too mushy.

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