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5 things I MUST do! I’m so behind!

Sooo behind…On life… It’s piling up 😦

(That’s Jack playing with Snapchat)

I’m still digging out from the new year and yeah the holidays believe it or not, and now the aftermath of Jack’s birthday etc etc. omg!**

**And that opening paragraph sat there for two days. Ugh! So busy!! Let me continue as I ride the train home from NYC right now…

Ok, my list of things to DO!!!

5. Stop eating sugar.

Jack: (talking to a friend) And that’s why we can’t buy anything sweet, mom will eat it all. (Whatever!)

4. Get my house ready to sell. Hide all the personal items again. Give it a facelift.

Jack: And what’s the point, no one wants our house and our real estate agent is no good and we’re gonna be stuck here forever! (5 minutes later…) I don’t want to move!!! Wahhhhh!!! Just earn more money! (How simple, wish I had thought of that!)

3.  Change the photo on this blog. Sigh. Soon.

Jack: Can you teach me Photoshop?

me: Sure. You can help me change the photo at the top of my blog. (Our blog? No, it’s mine.) I have to update it to say you’re 11 now.want to help?

Jack: I want to do something cool!

me: That’s a good starting lesson. It takes time to learn the tools in Photoshop. You’re not gonna be an expert in one day. It’ll be fun!

Jack: I’m already a expert!

2. Clear out the old, donate what I don’t want and trash the rest! Early spring cleaning.

Jack: Can we go to Goodwill? They have awesome nerf guns for like $2. Alex keeps finding awesome ones!

me: Ok, if that’s how you want to spend your money.

Jack: It is! And look, they have cool stuff for filming like this tripod and stuff for trick shots like these golf clubs… And look! Didn’t I used to have this game? (Uh oh has he spotted something of his I’ve donated?)

me: How about we just get the one tripod and leave the other stuff here?

(Why do I feel like we are bringing more junk BACK to the house than we are getting rid of?? I swear we may actually be buying our own stuff back…)

1. Make an appointment for my back issue. I pinched something last July and I’m still trying to ignore it, and it hasn’t changed or gotten better at all.

Jack: Here, I’ll hold your knees together and then you try to press them out. That’ll help. (He does this once.) OK now do mine.

me: But you’re not hurt. This is supposed to help ME get better.

Jack: You won’t get better. You’re too mushy.

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