I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

4 funny non-sequiturs

These are just a couple of unrelated things I heard this week. The first one is from Taekwondo class. 

Master: Oh you’re doing great today sir! What did you eat for dinner?
Jack: Mac and cheese.

Master: You should have that every night before class then…

Jack: Mom, did you hear that? Listen to the man!!!!!!


me: This is a cool old song with really good guitar. Guess why it’s called Peace Train?
Jack: I don’t know.

me: Well he’s probably singing about world peace and why don’t we all stop fighting and get on the “peace train” and all become nicer, better people. It’s a happy song from before you were born.

Jack: Well, that didn’t happen. 


me: Jack, check out this book. It’s about China. They made this very strange policy in 1980—

Jack: (interrupting) I know, Inknow,  One Child Law, I already read about that Mom!


me: Cool! Look at the big girders on the ground. Must be a new bridge going in!

Jack: Those are I-beams.

me: Sigh


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