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Sign those yearbooks!

Jack got his yearbook today. He was so excited to have everyone sign it and then to show me all the pictures. I got to see the girl that they called “Richard” all year long, even though I told Jack that it sounded mean.

I saw mustaches drawn on all the faculty members that were considered “less than desirable”.  And I saw kids that I remembered from 1st and 2nd grade that now look like mini adults!

me: Jack, look! That’s Isabella from Kindergarten!

Jack: Huh? It is?? I thought that was somebody totally different! That’s so funny!

me: Who’s the girl that everyone likes and thinks is pretty in 6th grade?

Jack: Ewwww. No one!

me: Hmmm guess that’ll hit next year. Wait, you’ll see.

Jack: Look, that’s me with the seriously bad Mohawk.

me: Wow that is probably the worst photo I’ve ever seen of you.

Jack: Thanks…   Oh look at Alex! That’s when his eyebrows were shaved off… Hahaha… Look you can see it if you look close….

me: ???

Ahhh the memories of 6th grade. 

Hope those suckers grow back, Alex.

2 thoughts on “Sign those yearbooks!”

  1. I can’t believe it! Jack just finished 6th grade. He was a tiny little 5 year old when I first came across your blog. Since then, I’ve always wanted a son of my own. And guess what?? At 33 years old, I’m now 5 months pregnant with a baby boy! I hope my baby and I share the same bond that you and Jack have. I’m thinking of starting my own blog too to document everything sort of like a diary that I can go back to when he’s older. I even considered naming my baby Jack hahaha but my boyfriend and I decided on Dylan. Hey, I might be asking you for some tips you know hahaha. I hope you and Jack have a great summer!

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    1. That has to be about the best comment I’ve ever received on my blog! Thanks so much for reading and following, and I can’t believe you’re going to follow in the footsteps of so many moms of boys! Ha ha boy do you have a fun ride ahead! I think I’ll always be here giving advice or whatever you want to call it, I’m not sure that it’s exactly advice, but more a glimpse into how I’ve dealt with so many things that have happened in these 11 years I’ve had with my son. I knew I had to start a blog in order to empty my head of all these thoughts and memories, and keep it also as a journal of sorts. You should definitely start one and do the same. Jack loves to go back and read all the old posts. I just have to get them all printed into a book ha ha. Best of luck and you can always email me at if you want private advice. Have a great summer yourself and keep me posted on the pregnancy. So exciting!–Debi


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