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Just… Why…

For some reason, Jack thinks that any food in the house belongs to him alone. So if I finish anything, I’m a criminal because u didn’t save any for him. Especially if it’s anything sweet. 

Now, we are not entirely odd sugar like we used to be, and I’ve been trying to steer us back in that direction… But it’s Smore’s Seasonn people! How can we resist backyard fires and gooey marshmallows on burnt sticks? I try, but so t always succeed.
I bought a bag of bubble gum for work, to put in the community gum ball jar, and decided to have 2 pieces that night. I came in to this note…

Why am I busted? I want to know! I wasn’t hiding it and frankly it was none of Jack’s business if I had two or ten pieces. Sheesh.

Jack: It’s like the time you ate the ENTIRE bag ofnireos, remember?

me: Uh no, it wasn’t an entire bag Jack…

Jack: Or the time you “took my candy yo work”… (He air quotes).

me: That was real.


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