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Kids have to learn EVERYTHING!

Forgive me if I’ve posted about this before. It just hit me again as I went to get the bread out to have some toast. I’ve been craving toast all day for some reason, with lots of butter, OMG! I don’t know why, maybe because I’m on a super high protein diet lately but boy do I want this toast! 

Anyway when I pulled out the bread, the twist tie was just wrapped around and around and around… kind of in a spiral like a slinky, around the bag. I had to stop and think … who the heck did that? I remembered that Jack put the bread away last. And then it hit me. I never taught him how to tie a bread tie? You obviously hook it around once, grab the two ends, and twist it once or twice…you don’t start at one and then just wind it around over and over. Right?? 

It took me like a minute to get it undone, which was too much waiting time let me tell you!

Are you guys fans of Olivio spread made with olive oil, or Brummel & Briwn with real yogurt? In liking both right now!

I know i mentioned this other thing in a past post that Jack brought up a few months ago, when he asked me “Are kids allowed to buy things at the store?” It had me thinking, Jack’s always been with me or another adult when he goes shopping, so why would he think he would be allowed to buy anything at the store. It’s so funny!

I also like watching him fold his laundry…everything is in perfect squares haha. 

I once asked him to make a pony tail for me and then asked if he knew what a braid was. of course he sort of knew but couldn’t make one. I taught him how to braid my hair haha and he was so mad he couldn’t learn it in a few quick steps. 

Hmmm. Maybe I should teach him how to change the oil in my car instead. Eh, that’s what we have service stations for! 🙂

Don’t even get me started on how he loads the dishwasher! Ugh! I’ll make him good husband material by the time he grows up hopefully. 😉

A glimpse into my future…

Jack: Look how fast I load the dishes!

me: Yeah but everything is upside down. You have to—

Jack: Eh, not my dishwasher not my problem. 

I could guess it will go something like that anyway…

That’s a photo of Jack when he was in NYC with his dad attending the New York Film Academy summer camp. He made a short film! I had gone down to visit him during the week and asked him to smile for me before I got on the subway to leave him. Sheesh. 

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