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Beme me up!

me: What are you watching?

Jack: A video.

me: Of what?

Jack: Just this guy that does cool videos.

me: Appropriate videos?

Jack: Yesss… They’re just ones he films. Lots of cool stop motion.

me: Swearing?

Jack: No. Well, he bleeps them out.

me: Wait, is this that Kristie guy?

Jack: You mean Casey.

me: Yeah that’s him. What’s his last name?

Jack: Neistat. Bet you can’t spell that.

me: N-E-I-S-T-A-D-T?

Jack: Oh my god how did you know it was NEI… There’s no D Mom. Sheesh.

me: Heyy that’s pretty good for not knowing!

Jack: He made this cool app called Beme that’s like Snapchat but better because you don’t have to use your hands all the time.

me: Beam?

Jack: B-E-M-E. 

me: Ah of course. What’s it do?

Jack: It’s like a 4-second video that records when you put it up to your chest and you don’t have to push any buttons, and it automatically posts it for you. So you don’t have to look through your camera to see what’s happening in front of you. 

me: Posts it where?

Jack: To the Beme app.

me: But no one has that.

Jack: It has over a million downloads!

me. Oh. And how old is this guy?

Jack: 35.

me: Isn’t this just like Snapchat without the text?

Jack: Mom! Those are long videos, and these are 4 seconds!

me: Only 4. Why not 5?

Jack: 4 seconds is really long.

me: What could you say in 4 seconds?

Jack: A lot.

me: No I mean literally what could you say. It would be all cut off. Like what if I wanted to record a video and say “This is a great concert at..” Beep. It would be over.

Jack: That was only like 2 seconds.

me: Really?

Jack: Yeah.

me: Maybe I’ll have to check it out.

Jack: He filmed a Mercedes commercial.

me: Wow, with 4 second clips? That’s impressive.

Jack: I never said he used the app for it, geez! It was before the app!

me: Well sorry I thought that’s what you meant. Sheesh. He must be pretty good if Mercedes wanted him.

Jack: We should get it. But it’s only for the iPhone. 

me: Hmmm. (Now oddly intrigued)

And that’s how Jack convinces me to try new things. I have an iPhone. 

BTW Beme now has 1,000,001 downloads.


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