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Foto Friday

(Earlier this morning)

me: Don’t forget to pack everything you need from the bathroom into your suitcase. Bring it downstairs when you’re done.

Jack: I KNOW!!!

me: (before we left for school) If you want to grab a large ziploc you can put your toothbrush and floss and all that stuff in it?

Jack: Nooooooo.

(After school before leaving for the train)

me: Did you pack everything you need for dad’s this weekend?

Jack: (sarcastically) No I forgot everything. 

me: Ok good.

(Later at the train station)

Jack: I have to put these things in my suitcase, hold on. (He has a few nerf guns and some other stuff)

me: Here let me unzip it for you. You don’t have to rush. We have like 15 minutes before the train gets here.

(He looks inside and realizes that he forgot lots of things.)

Jack: Where’s my toothbrush and inhaler?? Nothing’s here!! Oh my god! YOU FORGOT TO PACK EVERYTHING!!! SO LAZY!!

iPod revoked.

Wonder if he will listen next time?


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