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Iggos on board 

I just gave Jack and his friend a ride to school. They call each other Eggo, OK AutoCorrect get it right, it’s IgG oh.  “IGGO”. Sheesh.

Anyway, we were talking about movies and TV and then actors. Jack and I watched a movie last night with Morgan Freeman in it.

Jack: Morgan Freeman was the guy in Mockingjay that died.

Me: What? That wasn’t Morgan Freeman. Believe me Morgan Freeman doesn’t go into a movie for one minute and then die.

Jack: He was the guy that raised his hand and then got killed. Well, if it wasn’t him it looked just like him.

Me: Yeah it must’ve been someone that  looked like him. I’ve been watching Morgan Freeman since I was little. He was on this show called the electric company. We loved that show!

Friend: What kind of name is that for a show?

Me: We had shows like Sesame Street, Zoom, Villa Allegra, and Mr. Rogers neighborhood ha ha.

Jack: We have suicide squad!

Friend: Yeah we have Deadpool and suicide squad!! Oh, and South Park!

Me: We learned things like how to read and count and how to be nice to people.

Jack: I learned how to make a spoon into a weapon, do you know how to make a spoon into a weapon?!

Me: What are you talking about? Is that true!?

Jack: I’m just kidding…It sounded funny after all your stuff from the 1980s.

Me: That would be more like the 1970s.

Friend: Whatever, that be ooooolllld!

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