Germany: Day 2

It was a long day punctuated by us all calculating home time from the local time … for every activity.

Like this. Said to whomever is closest.

“I’m waiting for Jack to call, it’s about 11am here, so …(counting on fingers) it’s 6am there, so …maybe in a few he will call.”

Or this. 

“Hey, it’s time for lunch now so that makes it 7am at home. They’re just eating breakfast. Ha.” 

Why is this so important? It isn’t, but we all constantly talk like this.

Today was full of standing, walking and sitting at meetings. And deducting 5 hours off of every time check. Like now. It’s 5:17 at home people!!! Omg!!

We had a nice dinner at a hibachi restaurant. I offered to pay and neglected to tip thinking it was already on the bill! Apparently in Germany you have to tell them before you pay if you are interested in tipping, and how much. They will then ring the card with that amount. I just let them take the card without a glance and then tried to read the receipt to see if they included the tip. They didn’t. Ah well. As they say, I probably will never see them again. 😦

Tomorrow will look a lot like today I’m afraid.

Jack did call me when I was at the show (6pm our time and 1pm his time) because they had a half day at school today. He was anxious to hang up again and go eat lunch! 

Jack: I love you and I miss you and I’m going Joe to eat lunch. 

me: Okay. (The phone goes dead so I call back)

Jack: We already said goodbye.

me: We did? I thought I accidentally hung up…

Jack: No, we’re good.

me: Sigh…

Gute Nacht!


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