Germany: Day 5

Still in Koln! Still at IDS! 

Well right now I’m in bed. 🙂

It’s a bit of a repeat from day 4, so not much new to report. Work dinner hotel bed. Tomorrow is our last full day and then we fly home. Back to reality! 

I had this great tea at a publisher’s booth and had to share it.

Dinner was in the “going out” section of Koln. Very trendy and crowded. People would sit outside and eat while snuggling under blankets supplied by the restaurants! Very neat-o!

I called Jack after we ate and after he got home from school.

Jack: I thought you were showing me the restaurant?

We were facetiming and I told Jack I would walk into the restaurant to show him what it looked like. Then I tried to say goodbye without doing that!

me: Sorry, sure  let’s go. 

I walked into the bar and held his face up.

me: This is where we ate dinner. (I rotated the screen through the restaurant bar and he saw how everyone stopped talking as they looked to see what was going on.)

Jack: Can’t hear you!

me: I’m not talking right now, just showing. Too loud! Have to put the phone up to your face now to talk. (Everyone thought I was nuts)

Jack: Ok goodnight!

me: Goodnight.

Drunk German guy making fun of me: Gooot Naaaaght. (Laughter)

Haha those funny Germans.

Gute Nacht to you.


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