Germany: Day 6

We are done with the IDS show! It was a really successful show for us, so we are super happy. Got out a little early today with the plan to go to the Chocolate factory, Starbucks (in German of course), the mustard factory, the nutcracker factory and to walk around the old part of the city. We did it all… plus took a long walk along the Rhine!

Then we met up with some old business friends for a serious dinner. More beer. Coaster flipping. I got to 14 in one night. The reigning champion with 20 years experience got up to 21. So I wasn’t that bad!

I had some more pork products with cabbage and potato dumplings. So insanely good!

I won a Fitbit today and bought so many gifts and sweets that I’m afraid to pack my carry on luggage. This should be fun!

I talked to Jack and he had received his report card yesterday. We had been worried about one or two classes at the halfway point but he seemed to have brought everything up 🙂

Jack: I got 2 A+’s, 7 A’s and 2 B’s.

me: Wow that’s so good! I’m proud of you!

Jack: But my grade point dropped down to a 3.65. (He had high honors last time)

me: Awww hoes that possible  when you have so many A’s? 

Jack: I had more A+’a last time, that’s how.

me: Ok well we can work on that and bring them up again…

Jack: Nah, this is WAY better than I thought I was gonna do so I’m good…

And there you have it. I’ll see the report card when I get home tomorrow! Last night in Koln…it has been a great trip!


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