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What exactly goes on at camp all day?

(that’s the camp pick up line, it’s single file and goes on for days…)

I asked Jack if he wanted to do BMX bike riding tonight. He said absolutely not because he would be so tired from camp. So I asked him what exactly goes on at camp that makes you so tired? I remember the other day he said he didn’t need sunblock because they would sit around all afternoon in the shade. That doesn’t sound very tiring to me. 🙂

Me: Jack, what are you going to do at camp today that will make you so tired?

Jack: all kinds of things, it’s exhausting.

Me: you mean like swimming, archery, hiking? Stuff like that?

Jack: well, archery really doesn’t take that much effort. And we do hike a little bit in the woods, but we have to carry our backpacks so that’s kind of strenuous. And it’s really hot out, so the heat is really tiring.

Me: what about the peddle boats?

Jack: I’m not allowed to use those this week. We got in trouble for splashing our friends.

(After I got the full story from Jack and the camp counselor, the verdict was that he was actually splashing five-year-olds who were “annoying” to him)

Me: so then you must swim for a long time?

Jack: we only swim for about an hour, that’s it. And that’s usually in the morning.

Me Well then what is tiring you out?

Jack: well, I go on the tire swing, and that’s pretty tiring… (No pun intended)

Me: so what do you do, swing from one tire to another?

Jack: no, someone pushes us and then we just swing…

Me: Ummm… That doesn’t sound like it takes a lot of exertion.

Jack: like I said, it’s hot out, and the heat is very draining. So I don’t want to do BMX. Outdoor camp is actually more tiring than taekwondo camp. And if I was too tired after taekwondo camp, then I’m really too tired after this camp. Can I just chill at home?

Me: OK, let’s see how you feel after camp today…

I don’t think I’m going to win this argument, and I bet we are most likely not going to BMX tonight. Which is too bad, because I was hoping to ride tonight ha!

Though, looking at the temperature, it’s 87° right now, and probably not getting any cooler. Whew! The heat really is draining. And I’m getting very tired just by writing about it…

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