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Time to compost, or is it?

Tonight I was in a fresh food whirlwind. I cut up multiple fruits for a fruit salad (apple, cantaloupe, kiwi, peaches, strawberry, blueberry), then prepared steak and zucchini on the grill, and finally prepared a salad (romaine, carrots, celery, red pepper…forgot the red onion Jack asked for).

So, naturally I had a big mixing bowl on the counter filled with peels, veggie clippings and seeds from various fruits. A scrap bowl like you see on TV when you watch any major cooking show.

A scrap bowl is easy to clean up and doesn’t require multiple trips to the garbage. We don’t have a garbage disposal.

Then I remembered reading in “A Barn in New England: Making a Home on Three Acres”, that the author, Joseph Monninger, described how to make a compost bin using wooden pallets. Hmmmmm… We have old wooden pallets at work. Maybe they would let me take four of them?

Jack: This cantaloupe is GOOD!

me: Oh good, I couldn’t tell if it was dried out… it was hard to cut. Guess what I’m going to do with all the peels? (I waved my hand over the bowl of fruit and veggie scraps).

Jack: Huh?

me: Compost. I’m going to put a bin way in the back at the edge of the yard and we can throw all this into a pile and start to compost.

Jack: Hahahaha you know now you’re really old. Only really old people care about composting! Hahaha!

me: Noooo, that’s not true. People who care about the earth compost. And you’ll be the one that has to carry the scraps to the bin each night. (I remember the part in the book where the author’s son has that chore delegated to him. I liked it.)

Jack: Do you know how bad that’s gonna smell?

me: After awhile the bottom of the bin will turn out rich soil for planting or whatever.

Jack: I know how it works, Mom. And, we don’t plant anything anymore.

me: You’re still doing it.

Jack: You’re still old.

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