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Still here! Still saying sh*t! Band Jam!

My gosh a month can fly by, eh? I remember writing every day at one point years ago and then at least once a week. Sigh….. things are changing, Jack is getting older, I’m getting older (aka better) πŸ˜‚ and things have been getting in the way of me blogging. Well, like life, for instance.

I spend more time working I guess… though you’d think now that Jack is older and spends so much time alone or with friends, I’d have more time to write! I can’t tell you how many nights recently I’ve thought about blogging and chose an extra half hour of sleep instead.

It’s a kind of crazy routine… and this is withOUT the rowing practice each day which starts up again next week! Oy! Work, school, pets, chores, homework, shopping, travel, etc…

But also, as I’ve mentioned, there isn’t a whole lot of CONTENT these days. I mean, I hear jack and his friends talking but can barely understand what they’re saying, never mind transcribe it into a coherent blog post.

Take yesterday for example. We went to a band jam where Jack’s friend’s band was competing. We took Jack’s friend A plus Jack’s friend’s friend B with us. Here is the gist of the conversation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Jack: (holding his phone out to friend A) Look, look, what it looks like when when Rickert is in charge.

Friend A: Dude, he was the worst.

Friend B: I heard he’s totally in charge now.

Jack: Ya, that’s insane.

Friend A: (holding out his phone) No one, literally no one, not a soul and then …. (insane laughter) Everyine looks at his phone and whatever meme is currently on it.

Friend B: (Giggling and laughing at everything they say)

Jack: (holds out his phone) Look the bus with flaming wheels. (They all laugh)

Friend A: Still giggling. So did you hear about so and so who likes whatsername? She was like whatever and then she was fighting with her so we were like calm down and be friends so then they sorta got along but not really and then she liked him and now they’re dating but SHE didn’t realize that (hahahahaha), etc…//

I mean, I have no clue what they’re even saying or laughing at so how can I construct a blog post out of that sh*t??? 😱😱😱


Hopefully I’ll have more to write about over the break! Stay tuned!

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