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Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. (And some mac and yease??)

Who said that? The first part, not the yease part.

Go ahead. Guess.

I’ll wait.

Yeah you can Google it.


Why yes it’s Michael Pollan (and yes, he’s related to Michael J. Fox’s wife Tracy. True!) Though Pollan credits Joan Gussow with the statement. Michael, not Tracy. He’s awesome.

If you want to become as fascinated as I am with all of this (a point I will hopefully get to eventually) you should start with Pollan’s NY Times article “Unhappy Meals” and then read all of his books.

(That’s banana art from the original Times article…)

Best to read his books in chronological order for sanity reasons πŸ™‚ They all have food in the title or eating or Omnivore, etc, and they all start to sound alike though they are most definitely distinctly different! Especially his chapters on the apple. Sighhh. Pure bliss. (“Botany of Desire”)

And even his book about tripping on LSD. I mean really. It’s genius. (Take acid, not too much πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

Sooo anyway, I’m always saying to Jack that we shouldn’t eat anything that our great (or great-great?) grandparents wouldn’t recognize as food. Like hellloooo what’s a cheese puff or a frozen “tv” dinner? Bleh! I first read about this in 2007 when Jack was a wee two-year-old lad. And then I was hooked.

And tonight, as we pulled in the driveway, I noticed a white priority mail box sitting between the garage doors. That’s how the fun started. πŸ™ƒπŸ™‚

Jack: Hey! Maybe that’s my Vexx sweatshirt!!

me: I don’t think so. And remember I’m the inspector of all boxes from now until Christmas. (I don’t want Jack inadvertently tearing into any Christmas presents that may be showing up in the next few days)

Jack: Let’s see what it is… open it. Uh…it’s from something called I Eat Grass?? Weird…

me: Ummm I have no idea what this is. Seriously. It’s kind of cold though.

We took the box into the kitchen and carefully unwrapped it. Edible packing peanuts spilled out. And there was a silver bubble-wrapped package the size and feel of a large steak. Did someone send me meat??? It was cold like meat haha.

Jack: I’ll be over here. (He ducked down behind the counter)

me: It’s not a bomb.

Jack: (popped his head up) You don’t know that. (Ducks back down)

me: (finally getting the foil pack open) oh man. Hahaha I forgot ALL about this. It’s Mac and Yease! I ordered it off Instagram.

Jack: Wha…?

me: Vegan Mac and cheese. Let’s bake it now, and you have to try it.

Jack: Gimme that. (He has a tree nut allergy so he had to read the label thoroughly) I call this dessert! (we already had sushi in hand for dinner… Quite the combo)

me: OK, let me get this out of the plastic bag and into this pan.

I employed a method not far removed from squeezing the last toothpaste out of a tube…)

Jack: Mom, you always say, and I quote, “Don’t ever eat anything that your great grandparents wouldn’t recognize” and here you are, squeezing something out of a plastic bag that’s called “Yease”.

me: (totally had to crack up at that) Hahaha sooo true! But still, let’s try it.

Jack: Mac and cheese from Kanye West. Great.

me: LOL!!!!

(Jack just came in to remind me that I had left the oven on these last few hours. Sighhh. And I found the vegetable spray in the fridge. I’m really losing it. I have a cold so I get a foggy mom brain free pass tonight.)

We did end up liking the Mac and Yease but we were so full from the sushi that we couldn’t give it our full attention. Left overs for tomorrow’s dinner!!!

Moca took a sniff and wanted some. Haha!

Oh… And don’t forget to read up on all things Pollan!!

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