Potty Humor, Subaru Confessions

Subaru Confessions – Teen Style

Jack always says the craziest things while we drive… anywhere. 😂

me: Put your phone away we’re almost there.

Jack: Grunt.

me: I need at least an actual minute to talk to my boy, eh?

Jack: Ok. Here’s something. (And then he says in a weird voice)I look in the toilet, mmmmm I’m hungry!

me: What?? Gross. Honestly Jack, who told you that.

Jack: Me. Hahaha!

me: Seriously? Can’t we have a normal conversation for two minutes sheesh…


me: So not funny. Oohhhh look at those clouds over there. Wait…WHO would actually say that?

Jack: I already told you. Me! Hahahaha! Oh and in band class I found a can of green beans behind the stage. It’s in my backpack.

me: ?

And there you have it people. The brain of a 14-year-old boy. Yep. All honors classes. 🤨😬

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