December 2021 Is Here!

Yes, yes, so much time has passed, again. Are you really surprised? Busy schedules, weeks turning into months, me being generally forgetful, all contributed to the lack of blog posts. I do apologize. A lot. Sadly, it is not probably going to get better anytime soon.

I will try.

Jack is in the frenzied process of filling out applications for college. I think we will be submitting 5 or so this weekend. Gah! All in the general northeast area. Ivy leagues are next. Gahhhhh! It’s going to be here before we know it… Acceptance letters. Decisions. Financial Aid and Scholarships. College fund draining. Buying stuff for the dorm. OMG.

How exciting though, right? I mean, you all have mostly followed my boy since he was saying sh*t at the age of FIVE! And look at us now!

I’m still sad that the blog URL is shitmy6yearoldsays LOL. I remember being such a NooB in 2010 and starting shitmy5yearoldsays, and being so proud when I updated it the following year. Only to promptly lose all my followers and realize that I was NOT going to change the domain every single Gdamn year. So I stopped at 6 and learned to live with it. And there it remains.

I hope you’ll stick with me for what will probably be the last year of the blog! Possibly. I mean, I can always turn it into a cat or dog blog. I’m sure that one is already out there but it sounds funny! How about shitmydogsays? I can pretty much read Moca’s thoughts these days. Sigh.

I currently see Luna trying to climb on the keyboard as I’m typing this. Moca is sleeping in the cat bed ON my bed. PoBo is scowling and staring under the couch looking for her “baby” which is a tiny blue poofy-ball cat toy.

Fun stuff right? Jack is at his dad’s tonight. Not saying ANYthing to me that is blog worthy. So I give you further updates.

Jack is now doing winter rowing, which means they are working out in the gym and coming home sore every night. We put up our Christmas tree and decorated the house. Still have to decorate the tree and put the star on top.

Jack is also going for his driver’s license on Tuesday. He’ll be an official driver next week! Can you even believe it? I will definitely cry when he drives off by himself for the first time. I think you know me pretty well by now. I cried when he rode the bus for the first time. And that was just the practice run before first grade. I drove behind the bus all the way down the road sobbing haha.

I’m assuming he will pass his driver’s test. He is assuming I will cause him to fail.

Jack: Mom, we haven’t practiced parking yet and the whole test WILL BE ON PARKING!

me: You’ll be fine. Your instructor said you were excellent.

Jack: That was over a month ago because you STALLED and made me wait A MONTH after finishing driving class. How can I remember everything??!!

me: You drive every day to school and to rowing, you’ll be fine Jack.


(He’s very much on edge about the parking aspect.)

me: We can go and practice this weekend.

Jack: AND, you’ll forget to take me and I’ll never learn and never get my license and then you’ll have to drive me everywhere!

me: You’re going to pass Jack. We’ll practice on Saturday.

Jack: And don’t mess me up with your parking advice from 1975!

me: I’m sorry, I just don’t see how lining up your shoulder to this line and then lining up the bottom mirror to the middle of this line and then turning the wheel 3 times to the left, etc, makes it easier to back into a spot. It takes an hour. No one has that kind of time and you should use your eyes and look over your shoulder.

Jack: Well that’s how they’re going to test us and i have to get it right THE FIRST TIME MOM!

me: Worst case, even if you don’t pass, you can take it again

Jack: You’ll just be wasting your money on retesting.


Give me strength.

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