Doggie Therapy

We were all sitting on the couch watching the end of Season 5 of Madame Secretary. Me, Jack, Moca between us and PoBo trying unsuccessfully to get on my lap and ending up sitting half on Moca’s back. Luca was scowling at us from another room.

Moca was making some doggie whimpers as she was sleeping and Jack turned to give her some scritches. I now had a face full of white PoBo fur and just a little in my mouth as usual. (My black sweatshirt was white, for reference).

Suddenly, and most unexpectedly, I let out an earth shattering sneeze.

PoBo shot out of the room sideways leaving her tail behind.

Moca reared up out of sleep and looked like a wild horse being trained.

Jack: Geez Mom! You’re giving Moca PTSD!!!

(PoBo has since forgotten about it and is trying to get back on my lap, and Luna is still scowling.)

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