Family Resemblance

Ok this one was weird, me and Jack a few years ago using a Snapchat filter to swap faces. (Shudder)

I picked Jack up from school today, and, well ok, actually I forgot to pick him up because I was on a work call and so he had to text and call me to remind me to come get him. i felt terrible!

Jack: Geez mom I’m your only son, how do you forget me? I’ll be gone soon enough!

(Referring to college, where he will be in August. Helloooooo 4 months!!! And Hellooo UConn!)

This was said as we were driving home from me finally picking him up at school. Ok actually he had walked partway home so I actually picked him up on the side of the road. heh heh.


I had on my usual work-from-home ensemble of hoodie, baseball hat and sneakers. And pants. Definitely had pants on.

Jack: Mom. Turn and look this way for a second.

me: What? Why, do I have something on me?

Jack: (poignant pause) You know, you really have Grandpa’s facial features.

Now, mind you, at this moment Jack’s college career was about to become a distant dream and I was visualizing how much yard work I could make him do as penance.

me: But, Grandpa with definite feminine flair, right? (As I flipped my second-day pony tail in his direction.)

Jack: Oh yeah, there’s a flair.

Now at that point, a school bus came roaring by and it distracted me, so I didn’t notice until just now that I didn’t get a very clear answer on that last point. a flair, hmmm?

Yep, of my siblings, two of us look like our dad and two of us look like our mom.

me: Well you look a little like your dad, but only because you’re male and have his hair color and wear glasses like him. And have a giant head like him. The rest is ALL from me! And … Grandpa apparently.


He didn’t have much to say about that!!!

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