Burn before reading

Jack is not a fan of the Twilight series of books, I’m guessing.

Jack: These aren’t mine. Burn before reading.

Just in case anyone stumbled upon the books on his bookshelf.

I removed them 🙂

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Goodnight Moon, and other various things

Jack and I were reading Goodnight Moon before bed as a funny way to remember the times when he was little and we used to do those cozy kinds of things to relax. Goodnight Moon has a very nice cadence to it and the pacing if it is pretty soothing. Jack used to know it by heart and whenever I would stop reading, he would fill in the next word for me.

me: …goodnight comb, and goodnight brush, goodnight nobody, goodnight mush, and goodnight to the old lady whispering—

Jack: Anal cavity.

me: Come on, really?

Jack: Really, just think about it. How creepy is an old lady that’s whispering “anal cavity”….oooohhhh

me: Sigh. Goodnight Jack.

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Bat Boy

We’re at the doctor’s office picking up forms, having a checkup, trying to avoid Jack getting a shot, the usual Mom fun.. School starts tomorrow! Omg…

Jack picks up the baby book – Are You My Mother?

Jack: (In his best deep Batman voice) Are you my Mother? Out of the nest he went but he could not fly…

I almost fell on the floor laughing. The doctor came in and was wondering why we both looked like we had been crying.

(Thanks BatDad)



The only thing we have to fear… Is Fear Street

Jack and I are at the train station waiting to head to NYC to see his dad. Missed the 3:21 and actually caught the 4!

me: Look, free books! (I poke through the rack in the station)

Jack: I’m gonna use my sonic screwdriver on this soda machine…

me: Hey here’s an R.L. Stine book. Fear Street. Looks good. Want it? (I read the back flap out loud.)

Jack: (in his most extreme sarcastic voice) Mom, FEAR street? Come on!!

me: So

Jack: Those books are so completely predictable!!



Order of the Phoenix – Jack Style


Jack and I just watched the 5th Harry Potter movie. Really good! Which means… Jack finished reading book 5 this weekend, of course. He rarely waits more than a day after finishing the book to start begging to watch the movie.

We had a power outage right in the middle of the movie, which sucked, but it came back on after a couple of hours.

In the meantime I grilled salmon and potatoes plus we had shrimp cocktail. Yum! I’m more motivated when it feels like I’m camping. I also had Jack practice his forms for his black belt test which is in… Gasp… 2 weeks !! Mine too, actually… :O

I even built a fire in the fireplace so we could read later if the power stayed out. Now we have full lights plus a roaring fire and it’s 80 degrees out. Oh well..

I asked Jack to sum up the movie for all of his blogger fans. I couldn’t get much out of him…

Jack: I liked it. It was scary in some parts.

me: Really? That’s it??

Jack: Where’s book 6?!

me: Sigh.

Jack: Wow, it only has 652 pages. I can get this done … In about… Hmmm… I would like to say… Um, If I went straight through every day 24/7 then about … A week. But since that’s not gonna happen… 2 months.

And there you have it. Lets see if his estimate holds true. 🙂


Harry Potter Book 5 better be good

NOT a review.

Jack kind of gave up on those. I may try to coerce him for this last book, but he’s already finished up 732-ish pages of Book 4 and dove right into Book 5. Over 800 pages yo!

Last night we watched the movie. I liked it, just as I did in theaters. Ahhh Cedric Diggory… how you’ve grown…

After you died of course. And moved on to become eternal.

me: Jack, it’s okay. He didn’t really die you know.

Jack: (hiding his tears when Cedric’s dad yells “That’s my boy!”) Sniff…

me: He’s just an actor.

Jack: I know… (more sniffles and wipes)

me: Was it scary?

Jack: No, because I read even scarier stuff in the book!

me: True.

Jack: How come you let me watch this if it’s PG-13?

me: Well, I had to think about it. I figured if you read the book, and were scared or had trouble with any parts, you would tell me, and then maybe I’d hold off on the movie for awhile. But you seemed okay.

Jack: It’s cool how people can pretend to be dead.

me: Well, it may look cool, but it’s just acting.

Jack: How did he know when to die. Did he see the actual spell come out of the wand?

me: That was fake too honey. Probably added in by computers at the end. Someone told him “when you hear this noise, fall down and play dead” or something.

Jack: Oh. Can I start book 5?

me: Don’t you need a break?

Jack: Nope. And I’m telling you, this one better be just as good!

me: I’ll let J.K. Rowling know.


Harry Potter Book 3

I’ll have to get Jack to write a review of the HP books ASAP. He’s devouring them!

I mostly read book one to him at bedtime because I really wanted to get him interested. At first he couldn’t stand the thought of reading about wizards, much in the same way that I couldn’t stand wizards about 10 years ago…until I got past the first chapter and was of course hooked. And of course I was much much older when I was reading the series.

Jack loved book one and immediately started book two. I read some to him but he did a lot on his own at home and at school. Then, after watching the first two movies, Jack grabbed book three and is now almost done. I haven’t really read to him at all from this book so I’m sort of lost again. Oh well.

Jack: I’ll just read the rest of the books by myself, ok?

me: Why? Then I won’t remember what the heck is happening.

Jack: Wellll… You read kinda slow and I don’t like how you change voices and try to do a fake British accent for Hagrid. (He thinks of something…) And you can just wait and see the movie!

me: Sigh.