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Grammar Police, Done Real Good


Disclaimer: I’m typing this with PoBo on my chest as I sit in bed… the laptop is at my furthest arm’s reach away. Be gentle with the judging of typos.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled post.

I know when to use “well” and “good” in a sentence. Really I do.

Question: How are you? Answer: I’m well thanks, how are you?

Though when I’m asked, “How are you?” I respond, “Good, how are you?” Sigh. It’s because EVERYbody does it.

It’s kind of like how EVERYone uses “I” instead of “me” in a sentence because they think they’re using it correctly.

Correct: She went to the store with Joe and me.

Incorrect: She went to the store with Joe and I.

Correct: Jack and I went to the store.

Incorrect: Jack and me went to the store.

I’m not sure why I am off on a tangent with this, but it’s a pet peeve of mine. I was always taught that you need to break the sentence apart to know when to use “I” or “me”. So with the first sentence “She went to the store with Joe and me” you can test it out by saying “She went to the store with Joe” or “She went to the store with me”. See? That works. The incorrect use of “I” in that sentence wouldn’t work because the sentence broken apart would be “She went to the store with I”.

I is always the subject and me is always an object. (haha, me is always an object…lol cave talk.)

I also hate the your vs. you’re confusion, but that’s a rant for another day.

me: Jack go get ready for bed, brush your teeth good.

Jack: You don’t even know basic grammar. It’s “brush your teeth well”.

me: I know that. I’m just being lazy.

Jack: Or ignorant.

me: Sigh.

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Test grades and why studying is so important…

Jack: Mom, I got back a Spanish test today.

me: Oh yeah? What’d you get? (Usually Jack trucks me into thinking he did poorly when actually he got a 100.

Jack: 15 out of 30. So not very good.

me: Really? How come you didn’t do that well, did you not study? I don’t remember you studying here so I hope you did in school…

Jack: Not Really.

me: Jack, if you have a test then the days leading up to the test are for studying. You know that.

Jack: it’s usually easy but I did t understand the questions. Oh and by the way, I have another Spanish test tomorrow.

me: Come on Jack, time to study! Get out your book and I’ll help you.

We flip to the page and I start to read exclamations in Spanish which have two answers to choose from as responses. You have to pick the most appropriate response to the first sentence.

me: Okay tell me what this means.. (I read the first exclamation.)

Jack: That means My feet are sore.

me: Ok answer A. Says Don’t take off your shoes and B. Says Take off your shoes. Which is the appropriate response?

Jack. A.

me: Huh? Jack, their feet hurt so why would you say to keep your shoes on. It’s B. Take off your shoes. I can see why your grade was low, it’s not Spanish we need to work on it’s your English! Sheesh.

Jack: This takes place in Argentina, which is full of broken glass probably, so they shouldn’t take their shoes off.

me: ??

Jack: Ok read the next one.

me: (reading poorly in Spanish) Ok what’s that mean?

Jack: it says “I’m tired”.

me: Answer A. Says to go to bed and answer B. Says to get up. Which is the correct response?

Jack: B.

me: Seriously? It’s A Jack… He’s tired so he should go to bed.

Jack: When I’m tired you make me get up for school so A is the right answer.

me: Grrrrrrrrrr…

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Subaru Antics

I’m just not sure what goes on anymore in that back seat while I’m driving. 

I turn the radio on, and some sort of beat starts playing and I glance back to see Jack intently working on a new hip thrust movement in time to the music. He’s really proud of this also. Generally, if we’re in public and he starts doing this, I ask him to stop because it’s vulgar for a 10-year-old to walk around with thrusty hip motions going on. Sheesh. But in the car, he lets loose.

me: Settle down Jack…

Jack: (adding sound effects to his motion) Uh! Uh!

me: Just sing… Or look out the window…

Jack: Oh look, a toenail! Let me lick it…

me: Jack!! Geez!

Jack: Hahahahahaha!

me: Gross.

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Opposite of “Goodhavior” of course.

Jack has been creating his own dictionary of combined terms. And I think they’re a bit more descriptive than the originals!


me: How was acting class? (Jack started a once-a-week class after school)

Jack: (gives me the guilty look) It was okayyy, why?

me: I’m just asking. Why, what happened? You and Ben weren’t acting up again were you?

Jack: Well, he had a little badhavior, but then he stopped. I was pretty much okay.

me: Badhavior, huh? Interesting word. So if I come to the next class and grab Ben and his Mom, and we all have a talk, what do you think will come out of it?

Jack: OKAY it was all my fault!

(like I don’t know this boy)

me: What was your fault?

Jack: Sigh. We were just trying to come up with our idea for the thing, ya know, and then I grabbed him and his knee went into my face and the lady told me to stop and that was it!

me: What lady?

Jack: The mom that pretends she runs the whole school!

me: Was she a Mom or a PTA lady?

Jack: What’s a Peetay lady?

me: No, PTA for Parent Teacher Association. She works for the school and for the parents, and she’s in charge of the after school programs.

Jack: Anytime there’s a Parentssociation, that can’t be a good thing.

me: That’s not a word you know.

Jack: But it should be.


Last year Jack was worried about these words. Funny to go back and read the old sh*t.



How the semicolon pisses off a 7-year old

This is an older post that I kept forgetting to use! Jack sometimes sneaks onto my blog his blog and then chastises me on how my details are wrong or how that absolutely did NOT happen last night, or whatever. So I guess now I’m protecting myself in case he does read this. Yikes how far we’ve come on this little blog. What started as shitmy5yearoldsays has turned into shitmy7yearoldsaysandthenreadsonlineandthenpointsoutallwritingerrorstohismom. Dot wordpress dot com.

This is funny because I just finished reading King Rat. But anyway. Apparently the semicolon is the most feared punctuation mark out there. So I’m told. I’m sure we could all use a refresher on how best to use this little guy.

Jack: I have to write BOTH sides of my weekend news. I didn’t finish it so I have to make it up at home. How the heck am I gonna DO this??? (he grabs his hair with both hands in anguish)

me: You only have like 3 more sentences to write, Jack, so calm down. Just fill in some other things you did. You waste more time freaking out about it.

Jack: (starts writing a thought down) I can just make this a really really long sentence with commas, okay?

me: (peeking over his shoulder) You might need some other punctuation in there buddy. That’s pretty long.

Jack: Okay okay! What’s the thing with a comma and a dot? Is that a weird quotes mark or something? Can I put that in here?

me: You have to put it where it goes…like in between two thoughts that are sort of connected, so they’re in the same sentence, but are actually independent of each other. It helps avoid confusion.

Jack: I meant WHAT’s IT CALLED!

me: Sheesh, calm down, you didn’t say that. I’m just trying to help. It’s called a semicolon.

Jack: (stops in mid rant and looks at me calmly) What’s that…Chinese for something?

me: Sigh…

And this is funny because we went to a Godzilla birthday party yesterday. For realz. Jack will concur.