I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.


London: Days 2 & 3

Omg such nice weather here! We’ve walked miles and miles around London and along the Thames. Today we hit 10 miles, yesterday 12… nice!

We seem to have done it all but still have a Muggle Harry Potter Tour, Stonehenge, a play, the double decker tourbus, Windsor Castle, etc. so much left to do!

me: We didn’t get our run in this morning… 

Jack: I got enough exercise. We walked all day!

me: But a run gets your heart rate up and…

(He takes off running)

me: Heyyyy! Let’s keep going!

Jack: Uh no. I’m only running across the street so I don’t get hit by the crazy bus drivers!

(We literally almost got run over by a bus coming from an unexpected direction.)

It was super easy to get around, all the London Pass attractions worked out well, the sightseeing boat was fun, and we generally just ate and drank as we went. No worries as everyone was really accommodating about Jack’s nut allergy. He seems to be less worried now. 

It’s a great city to walk in, especially in this amazing weather!

Time for bed. We have to get up early!

Germany: Day 1

We landed in Germany at around 3 am our time, 8 am local time. Koln (Cologne) is a very pretty city with lots to see and do! We visited the Dom Cathedral…

…and walked for miles looking at shops (including the beer museum, nutcracker store, and a few local gallerys). 

We stopped at a street stall and ate curry Wurst with pommes frittes (same words for French fries that they use in France). Yes curry wurst is a thing. 

We also visited our German sales team, saw their office, and had a quick sushi dinner with them and picked up some groceries at a local market.

Now it’s 8:30pm here and 3:30pm back home. Time to catch up on Zzzs.

I had been waiting for Jack to call for about 20 minutes. Where was that boy? He had instructions to get off the bus, feed Bella, change her water, scoop her litter and then call me. I was getting wonky after only 4 hours of sleep on the plane last night, if that.

Finally he called.

me: Hi Jack! Want to FaceTime?

Jack: Nah…

Too late I had already dialed in.

me: Hey there you are! How was Bella? 

Jack: Good. She’s eating. I changed her water and scooped her litter. 

me: Awesome, thanks! Why didn’t you call me when you were home? (I noticed he was back at his friend’s house)

Jack: I didn’t want to. Bella was eating. 

me: That’s ok. You’re walking in circles over there eh? What are you doing? Any homework?

Jack: Nope! Gotta go use the bathroom.

me: Oh ok. Um…Talk to you later. Love you.

Jack: Bye, love you too.

And that was it! Guess he’s not missing me yet! I’m now officially deliriously tired. 🙂 tomorrow we officially start working at a big international tradeshow. Should be interesting!

Here are a few more pics! Enjoy!

Yes…Jack is still Irish and I’m not

Or am I?

When I was a kid, St. Patrick’s Day always meant something, because I would wear green to school, and get green mashed potatoes and cupcakes, and wear pins that said “kiss me I’m Irish”, even though I wasn’t, and all that fun stuff. 

Now that I’m older, and not even 1%  Irish, it’s a holiday that kind of sneaks up on me and goes right past. I know a lot of Irish people, and my son is Irish too, but that usually doesn’t help me remember to wear green ha ha.

Me: Jack, go change your shirt. Put on the green one.

Jack: Why? No one’s going to care.

Me: you’ll care. And I’ll care. And Saint Patrick will care. Go pick out a green shirt because you’re Irish.

Jack: do we have any of those pins that say kiss me I’m Irish?

Me: no I don’t think we do, and even if we did, I wouldn’t know where they are.

Jack: ( calling from upstairs ) I don’t know which shirt is green!

I forget sometimes that he is colorblind.

Me: it’s the long sleeve shirt that’s farther over to the right in the… Oh forget it I’ll come up and show you.

Jack: is it this one? (He found the right one!)

Me: yeah that’s it! Now you look like my little Irish boy. That mixed with German. Explains a lot.

Jack: what was that?

Me: oh nothing…

And, boy does that explain a lot! Ha ha. Anyone else out there a mix of Irish and German, or have a child or spouse with that combo? Let me know what you think 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Here’s Moca chewing something green ha ha.

Happy New Year! And no …we don’t have cable…

Yeah, so…we haven’t had cable for maybe 5 years. It hasn’t been a problem at all… Until tonight.  
I’ve rigged up a digital antenna whenever I need to watch something “live”, like the superbowl, or World Cup or like a debate or something. No biggie. The rest of the time we watch Netflix. Or rent movies on Apple TV.

But tonight, two of Jack’s friends are sleeping over and I just pulled them away from their Star Wars marathon to come watch the countdown. Live. On TV.

me: 38 minutes guys! Wanna watch? 

Jack: Do you have it on the right channel?

me: Not yet. Hold on the signal is wigging out. Stop moving. 

I literally have to go adjust the digital rabbit ears in the window. Jack’s friends watch with horrified and confused looks on their faces.

Friend 1: Is that thing making the TV work? In the window???

me: Uhhh, we don’t have cable, so this is how we get channels.

Jack: It only works if I stand over here right Mom?

me: Uhhh. (Slightly embarrassed) Heh heh. (I keep adjusting)

Friend 2: Is this like the olden days kind of TV?

me: No, it’s a real TV but we pay nothing for cable… That’s all. Oh crap the signal stinks. Sigh. (I laugh self consciously) Ummm this is how we have to get local channels, that’s all. (Adjust, adjust)

Jack: Is this the ball dropping? It doesn’t look like Times Square! Who’s that???

me: It’s Pit Bull, so it’s probably Miami. Sigh. I don’t know. 

Jack: It’s just guys rapping! Can’t we watch New York??

Friend 1: Yeah that’s not the ball dropping. Let’s go watch illuminati videos on my phone til midnight.

me: Sigh.


May 2016 be filled with all the channels you can handle!!

And yeah, all 3 boys just saw this and said WHAT????


Merry Christmas “Santa”


Jack: Why are you so tired?

me: Because I spent all night wrapping this stuff. 


Jack: (stares) See???? I told you there’s no Santa!


Happy Thanksgiving! And…Traditions?

 Which is to say, we don’t have any, but would certainly like to hear yours if you want to share in the comments!

Jack and I don’t really do anything special on Thanksgiving. Either I cook and invite some family over or we go to someone’s house. I make corn soufflé and apple leek stuffing and a few pies. That’s about it. We don’t play football or watch football or really do anything regularly each year except eat and clean. Or maybe drive.

This year, Jack made the 2 pumpkin pies all by himself and wanted zero help. He forgot the eggs which occurred to me as I put them on the oven. SoInquickly pulled them out and added two eggs to each right in the pie plates. That was pretty funny. We tasted one last night and seriously it was the best pumpkin I ever tasted. Better than my own even though he used my recipe!

Jack was sort of careful with measurements so some spices spilled over the edges of the measuring spoons. Whatever he did really worked! So he was really proud of it. 🙂

I made sugarless apple pie and that is always good. Like seriously good. You do not need sugar in that pie people!!!

We woke up this morning and decided to get some exercise by taking a walk around the block. We played frisbee as we walked. Jack got bored after 2 houses. Sigh…

Jack: I’m going home.

me: We just left! No, we’re doing this walk.

Jack: I’m tired.

me: So let’s walk slower.

Jack: Oh! Dina’s out! Can I go play over there??

me: After we walk. Sure.

Jack: Sigh…Go across the street and I’ll throw the frisbee to you. (He proceeded to throw it behind me so I had to stop, turn around and go pick it up after every two steps.)

me: Jack, throw it ahead of me so I don’t have to go back and get it. (He then threw it to me at an upwards angle so it boomeranged back to him just missing my outstretched hands each time.)

Jack: You have to jump mom!

me: Throw it straight with a wrist flick, not a full arm swing. Then it’ll reach me.

Jack; You didn’t teach me frisbee you know. That whole flick thing isn’t teaching me anything.

me: Try it. (He flicks his wrist and all the throws go perfectly to me.) See??

Jack: I’m bored.

me: Let’s run to the corner up there and then do a spectacular frisbee throw at the end.

Jack: No.  I have a cramp. From walking.

me: Which way do you want to go? The end or up the hill?

Jack: The shortest way. 

me: Naturally. 

And there you have it. Our new “tradition”. We went back home and ate some more of Jack’s pie. Yum. Now in the car to drive to another state!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Trick or Nuts

Things you don’t want to hear while trick or treating… Sigh…

I’m thinking it’ll be a few more years before I can totally let Jack go out trick or treating without adult supervision. And by then he’ll be too old.

Jack: Trick or nuts!!

me: (yelling from the curb) Jack knock it off!

Jack: Guys look it says take one. It’s a whole bowl! (I see him bending over the large bowl of candy for at least 30 seconds.)

me: Jack! Just one!

Jack: No it means one of each kind!!

me: Sigh.

Jack: (rings bell…bing bong, waits 2 seconds) Guys!!! No one’s home! (Tears off to the next house. Woman answers door in 4 seconds…oh well, too late)

Jack: Cheap candy here! Don’t bother! 

me: Jaaaack, be nice…geez. And wait for your friend! 

Jack: I AM waiting!!! (He runs to the next house leaving his friend in the 7-foot-high costume to catch up at his own pace)

me: Want me to hold some? That bag looks like it’s ripping. 

Jack: No way, you just want to eat it all.

me: Grrrrr…

Jack: And I’m not sharing either! 

me: Okay we’re done. Last house! 

Jack: Guys, meet me in my mom’s bathroom so we can weigh our loot! 

me: Sigh… And like last year, he forgot about the candy the rest of the weekend and hasn’t mentioned it today yet. We’ll find it in a month…