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TV time without distractions

me: Are you ready to watch the movie?

Jack: Yep!

me: Put your phone in the kitchen please.

Jack: I’m not using it.

me: I don’t want us to be distracted. Put it in there.

Jack: Look, it’s on the ottoman.

me: Jack: Put it in the other room please.

Jack: I’m not looking at it!

me: Put it away. Now.

Jack: I put this pillow on it look what’s the big deal.

me: Because it beeps and you jump to answer it. Put. It. Away. Now.

Jack: That’s not fairrrrrr!

me: We are not watching a movie until you put it away. Just put it over behind you on the table sheesh Jack!

Jack: Ughhhh so unfairrrr! (He finally puts it away)

me: Thank you.

We watch the movie. About halfway through there’s this part about a calendar…

me: Oh we should totally look that up to see if it’s real! (I grab my phone)

Jack: (stare of death) Really. How nice that we aren’t being distracted by our phones.

me: Uhhhhh.


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Speak softly, but carry a big can of paint…

(A fun quote by street artist Banksy.)

Jack and I don’t feel well, nd have taken a day off. I still have a fever and haven’t really moved from the couch. He’s upstairs playing Mario.

Last night we both were exhausted and watched Exit Though the Gift Shop, a Banksy film I’ve loved for years and have seen many times. It was fun to watch Jack watch the film.

Jack’s become a really good artist and has the best style, sort of Haring-like with a comical twist that is uniquely Jack. So, he genuinely enjoyed the film which made me happy. We took our Banksy love to a new level when we visited London last April and saw one of his street rats. It was amazing.

The movie itself is amazing on many levels. The street art, the artists, the plot, Mr. Brainwash (the identity the main character, a photographer/videographer takes when he changes lanes and becomes a street artist himself…after filming street artists for about a year or more). He eventually created his own sticker, ala Shepherd Fairy and his OBEY Andre the Giant stickers, and plastered them everywhere.

This guy carried his video camera everywhere! That too reminded me of Jack, who literally has had his camera strapped to his hand on every major trip he’s taken, and vlogged the entire time.

(China town in London, video camera in hand.)

In the Banksy movie, the main guy Thierry, filmed his cousin (artist Space Invader) wherever they went, and people really thought this guy was more famous than he really was, due to the camera attention of course.

I had an idea.

me: Hey Jack, Why don’t you start filming me everywhere we go. You know, like Thierry in the movie did with his cousin. Then everyone will think I’m famous and maybe something will come of it!

Jack: Yeah, but your life’s not interesting.


I won’t spoil the movie, but GO RENT IT AMD WATCH IT. I have a good suspicion that Banksy played a huge trick on us, the viewers, because that’s just what he does.

I’m now on to my third movie in two days… 2nd one was “Where is Banksy?” And now I’m finishing “How to sell a Banksy.”

Oh and we drew a lot last night and a bit today. Since we’re just sitting here riding out the Nor’easter πŸ™‚

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Moone Boy

Jack and I have been watching this Irish comedy Moone Boy for the past week or two. Totally addicting. It’s about this Irish kid with a grown up imaginary friend played by Chris O’Dowd, whom I love! His movies are hysterical…

We now say “feck” all the time which is hilarious and sort of an appropriate way to swear.

The accents are awesome and we sometimes have to stop and rewind certain parts because A. It’s so funny we want to hear it again or B. We have no feckin idea what they just said. It took us the complete first season just to make out the lyrics to the theme song, which only has two lines. Jack gets the credit for that one.

(When he was little he used to like getting credit for something and would always yell “I get da credid for dat one” in his baby voice lol. Just remembered that as I typed this.

Jack: Isn’t it weird how that guys face is totally at the bottom of his head?

me: Uh … what?

Jack: Look at his head, it’s all forehead and the bottom third of his head is where his face is.

me: Ooohhh yeah haha, he’s kind of funny looking. He’s been in other things, he’s kinda familiar.

Jack: You know who he looks like? There’s a character in Bolt that looks just like him. Do you remember? Did you see that movie?

me: Yeah I saw it. Maybe it’s the same guy…

Jack: Bolt is animated, I meant he looks like the guy…

me: Oh, maybe I didn’t see it.

Jack: Sigh.

Ha! Finally got him back for 12 years of “sighs”…

I hope everyone in our area is staying warm! Where’s me jumper?! (Watch the show and you’ll get it.)


What are you more afraid of??

We watched a Goosebumps movie tonight on Netflix. Usually corny, and with really bad acting. Well, this one had both of those, but surprisingly it also had some scary parts. Lots of buildup, so I sort of enjoyed being a little spooked.

There was this really scary part where the Evil Thing was lurking outside the kid’s house. Parents are of course away at a Halloween party. They showed it in the first person view as the Thing crept up to the house. Then they showed it peeking in the kitchen window. Cut to the kids in the kitchen. Older sister is telling the younger brother to go brush his teeth. And just out of sight in the window, you can see the creature peeking in. The little kid goes to the bathroom, brushes his teeth and then grabs a huge pumpkin-shaped cookie and sneaks a few bites. Jack looks shocked.

me: Oh geez wasn’t that scary? The Thing peeking in the window?

Jack: I’m more scared of the cavities that kid is gonna get than I am of the monster.

And that’s why he’s my son. πŸ™‚


Who’s the stinkiest one of all?

We are watching the worst movie ever made. Furry Vengeance. With Brandon Fraser. And a bunch of wild animals. Jack absolutely loves this movie.

Jack: I just love this movie so much mom! Hahahahaha!

me: Ugh.

Jack: But look at all the skunks. It’s a line of fire!

me: Skunks are stinky but they really are so cute…

Jack: You know, they can be de-stinked and kept as pets.

me: Yeah they can be pretty good pets without the stink. I once…

Jack: (interrupts me by farting loudly)

me: Sigh. What about de-stinking boys?

Jack: I just LOVE this movie!!! Hahahaha!




E. T. isn’t that cute after all

Jack and I are watching E.T. I haven’t seen this in many, many years. The kids are all smoking in the beginning. We had to talk about that for a minute. Then Jack shushed me as the aliens came on the screen…

Jack : Aliens are scary.

me: They’re not real, this is just made up for the movie.

Jack: Yeah but if they were real they’d be scary.

me: They’re just like cute little animals or something. Well, animals that go to other planets by flying spaceships.

Jack: Yeah animals with laser guns.

me: I guess they are kinda scary


1 thing that’s worse than a Spanish movie about dogsledding…

me: What did you do in school today? Gym?

Jack: No, we had music today…

me: Do anything fun in music?

Jack: Kinda…we watched a movie called the Magic Flute.

me: Cool! That must have been a nice break from all your hard work.

Jack: Wellll, it’s all in German AND it’s opera. Who would put those things together? I can’t understand either one!

me: Hmmm, Germans that like opera?

Jack: You have to be tri-languagell to even understand it!

me: Wow, tri-languagell…that’s more than bilingual.

Jack: I know! When I was with Dad we saw this Spanish movie about dog sledding. THIS movie was WAYYY worse than that. Sheesh.

I’m pretty sure that Jack saw the cartoon version of this movie, but as I looked for an image to put with this post, I found the shot at the top, which shows the movie version of the Magic Flute, and that it’s a Kenneth Branagh film. And I LOVE Kenneth Branagh. Ever see him play Shacketon? OMG, BRILLIANT performance that still gives me goosebumps … and not because it’s set in Antarctica. That mini series is a must-see. And I think I’m going to check out Netflix for the Magic Flute now!