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Wordless Wednesday (I lie)

There are a few words. Always.

Random Wednesday along with Wordless Wednesday. Why not make that a THiNG!

I like to use cliches. Sometimes. Like haste makes waste and the early bird gets the worm. Jack likes to A. Pretend he doesn’t know what they mean. B. Insult the cliches. Or C. Secretly covet them and use them later in his own conversations. I bet his kids will definitely be sitting on pins and needles waiting for their dad to get the lead out. Etc. haha.

Jack hates these 2 in particular. Well maybe not hates but strongly annoyed with…

1. You sound like a broken record.

Jack: Does that mean like a record from the 70s? And if it’s broken how does that even work?)

2. Kill 2 birds with one stone

Jack: what does that even mean? I don’t think anyone has ever even killed one bird with one stone.

And so on. Have you met Jack? King of the one liners? I told him he should write the one liner handbook. Each zinger would be a new chapter. It would be a very long book.

I took out the recycling today and scribbled in the bottom of a card oats box were the words “Dank Memes”. Sigh.

For the rest of the post I will go wordless 🙂



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The Littlest Jedi

I found this old photoshop image of Jack from when he was 3, I think. He had been holding a broom like a double light saber, and was fighting imaginary bad guys in the kitchen . 

When I showed it to him back then I remember he was like “Woah, I didn’t know I could fight Darth Vader in our house!”

I’m surprising him by putting it in a frame 🙂


Wordless Wednesday

(now with fewer words!)

Because sometimes, I’m just too damn tired to talk. Yes, be quiet… it DOES happen occasionally. What? I’m still talking? Oh sorry… (yawn)

Jack's best friend "Stripey"
Jack driving a golf cart at about 30mph!
Jack the squirrel whisperer
Watching the action at the Orlando airport


me: Did you have fun in Florida?

Jack: It was funner than my life!

me: Well said.


Foto Friday – Misc. Edition

I guess we’ll call this a catch up day.


(Jack dancing in Best Buy)

Jack: Mom is anyone looking?

me: No, why?

Jack: (starts rocking out)


(Noticed this composition on our walk the other day.)
(Jack studying the "map" we found in the road. Can you see Florida??)
(This is the 2nd moth that we released. We named him "Darth Vader".)


You may remember our 2nd caterpillar “Basil”? (scroll down a bit) If not, shame on you. Go catch up on your reading. So, our first caterpillar was Chewbacca… all brown and fuzzy, then he turned into Princess Leia the fluffy white moth. And now we have Darth Vader. I’m just along for the ride on the naming conventions.

Jack: This is like a totally different moth!

me: Remember, the caterpillar was totally different too. He was all smooth, and …

Jack: Okay I’m done, let’s release it…

me: Sheesh.


(Milkweed bug, I think?? Jack seems to think so. He's probably right.)


me: Jack, hey look at this bug. Or beetle. I’ve never seen this kind before.

Jack: It’s a milkweed bug.

me: I don’t know… I’ll have to look it up.

Jack: It’s definitely a milkweed bug. I raised one from a nymph stage.

me: (Who is this kid??) Well, yeah, that might be true, but I’m still not sure if that’s what this bug is. (trying to save face as a parent…)


(We rock with tinker toys. Especially the plastic kind. Behold, the single-engine prop plane.)


And we wonder why our neighbor calls him Bigfoot. Geez.


(Ed (top) and Bella LOVE their new kitty climber!)
(...and they love their new scratching thingy!)


Jack: Why did you buy the cats a new climber? They don’t even use the things they already have!??

me: You’re confusing that argument with something else. You usually say that about me. And shoes. Rememer?

Jack: Oh yeah. You didn’t buy MORE shoes did you??

me: MYOB.

Jack: Very funny.