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Five years of art school means nothing!

Compared to my crazy little 8-year-old cartoonist! I have the illustration degree but he has the natural talent I think. His dad always drew the best cartoon characters and he was a lawyer for Pete’s sake! Lawyers don’t draw!

Anyway, Jack and I sat on my bed for some sketch time. I drew mostly him and my hands and feet. Cuz they were there. Jack made up the images in his head and they’re adorable.

Jack: Mom, it’s ok. If you practice, your drawings will get much better like mine. Maybe I can teach you!

…Anyone want to guess how much those years of art school cost? Sigh…

Enjoy the drawings! If you send me a request I’ll see if Jack feels like drawing on demand. I’ll post anything that gets his stamp of approval. 🙂






Jealous of …

Today we went to our neighbor’s house for a cookout and some fun on their water slide. Their little boy decided he would like to sit near me, then on me, and then he wanted to wrestle and show off mowing the lawn with his popping mower. He’s 4. And frankly I think grown men act the same way. We had fun rolling around on the lawn until 60-pound Jack figured he had seen enough. He tackled me and almost broke my face. Interesting! So I paid some more attention to Jack and then forgot about it. Jack did not and brought it up again during his bath.

Jack: How come you were talking baby talk to G?

me: We were just playing around. Did it bother you?

Jack: Of course it did! Are you replacing me?

me: No! Of course not.

Jack: I didn’t like it and he’s not your special boy, I AM!

me: Gotcha.

Jack: And don’t be so “affectionate” all the time (he air quotes), it’s soooo annoying.


My gun and how it looks

me: Let’s hit the road.

Jack: To where??

me: Anywhere. Park? Playground? Movies? What do you want to do?

Jack: I don’t care as long as I can bring my nerf guns. Can you drive the getaway car?

me: Sure, but just don’t go pointing that at any other cars. We don’t want to get in trouble.

Jack: Anyone can see that this is orange and yellow…NOT real!

me: I know, but let’s not push it okay?

So we head out to the movies, The Lorax (pretty good!), and then the nature center (closed) and then the playground behind the nature center (deserted of all kids on this beautiful day). Jack has his old super-soaker gun in hand, minus the big water tank because “it doesn’t look cool if it’s not full of water mom”.

me: Taking your gun on the slide?

Jack: You never know when the AT-ATs or Count Dooku will show up… (he looks around panicked)

me: Let’s take a walk around this path. Go ahead. Bring the gun. (We walk around the quarter-mile mowed path that meanders around the property of the nature center.)

Jack: Okay let’s go back to the base.

me: Base?

Jack: (harsh whisper) Rock Wall!

me: Oh. Gotcha. Well, what a nice day, eh? Warm sun, no litter, not too windy.

Jack: (looking down at his shadow) And the shadow of my gun looks GREAT…

me: Yes, the gun. Marvelous!

Jack: Okay I’ll toss the gun to you if I see any bad guys! (he plays for awhile and then we take a break on the bench)

me: Ahhh, a warm bench, this tiny pine cone and my little boy. Not a bad day.

Jack: Carrot Mark… your “cute” little boy.

me: Don’t edit my moments please.

Jack: Sometimes I just have to.


A day at the park with “friends”

Jack always makes friends when he goes to the park. Whether they want to be friends or not. When he was younger, Jack would call every kid “friend”, and he sounded like someone that just arrived here from another country.

Jack: Friend! Play with me!

Kid: My name’s Joey.

Jack: Okay friend! Let’s go!

So then it became a running joke between all of us and we started calling everyone friend as well. Then as Jack got older, he had a best friend at daycare named Shankar. Shankar is Indian and very dark skinned. Whenever Jack would see an Indian boy, or any dark-skinned boy, at the park he would yell “Shankar!”. Of course the kid was like “My name’s Pete!” But Jack didn’t care. Friend and Shankar were there to stay. That used to crack us up.

I’ve seen Jack go up to a group of 12-year old girls and ask if he could play with them. Much to their horror and delight. They squealed and ran away and Jack gave chase thinking this was part of the game. He’s a bit innocent and clueless like this. Definitely not shy.

We were at the park the other day and Jack had a bunch of different “friends” to play with. No Shankars though.

Jack and his first friend. He's thinking "Okay, you're only 3, but you're the only one here"
Jack's 2nd friend. Friend looks scared. Seriously Jack's not forcing him to be in this photo!
Jack's 3rd friend. Actually this is our neighbor. She likes to say "I have snacks for the Jacks" which Jack loves to hear.
Kids lose toys at the park. Jack finds toys at the park. He never goes home empty handed. This was our loot from that day.


Jack: There’s no one to play with today!

me: Just be patient. You’ll find someone.

Jack: There’s just a bunch of babies. Can you call someone to come play with me?

me: You want me to order up a friend online?

Jack: Ohhh, do they HAVE that??? Yes!

me: I’m kidding.

Jack: So am I. Can you just call Gavin for me???


What can happen at 6:45 am when you’re fast asleep?

What CAN’T, is what I say.

me: (yawning) Hey Jack, good morning!

Jack: (jumping up on my bed wide awake) Hi Mommy!

me: (feeling his clothes) Why are you wet?? Your hair is wet!

Jack: Uhhh… I was outside.

me: Out of the HOUSE??

Jack: Yeah.

me: What the heck! Jack ! That is so dangerous! What were you doing?

Jack: (now worried) Nothing.

me: You talk right now mister! Can’t I ever wake up normally in this house?? Sheesh.

Jack: Well, I woke up and got dressed, and then went and got a flashlight. (winning smile)

me: For??

Jack: I went outside. It’s raining.

me: Jack! Come on… What did you do?

Jack: I went over to Dina’s.

me: What for please.

Jack: We had a deal to meet at 7 o’clock outside.

me: How’d that work out for you?

Jack: She didn’t come out.

me: Because she was either still asleep or had enough sense to stay in the house. There are so many things wrong with this story.

Jack: It’s totally fine! I peeked in their window and the light on the stairs was on, but she wasn’t coming out, so then I came home. That was it.

me: Okay. I know you were brave and what you did seemed like an adventure, but it was very dangerous.

Jack: No it wasn’t.

me: What would have happened if you slipped in the driveway and hit your head. Mommy would be in here sleeping and no one would know you were hurt.

Jack: Oh.

me: What if there were strangers lurking around and they saw a nice little boy to steal. (I know, that’s mean but I had to say it!)

Jack: There are no strangers here!

me: What about the guys doing the new roof over there, huh?

Jack: Oh yeah. I’m sorry.

me: Please please do not do this again. It’s okay to be brave, but brave people still have to be safe, or else they won’t be brave for very long.

Jack: I want to be brave a long time. So, if I tell you then can I do it again?

me: What do you think?

Jack: When you ask me that I already know it’s the opposite of my answer. Sigh.


Quote of the day – Common Sense

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging…


Jack: Ow ow ow ow oowwwwwwww OWWWWW!

me: (running into the bedroom) What happened???

Jack: I was doing a headstand off of the bed and then flipped over and hit the bureau. OWWWWW!!!!

me: (rubbing his head) Oh Jack, are you okay?? Please don’t do headstands off of the furniture. Use your common sense please.

Jack: I have common sense, but I choose to ignore it.


Why are these things on my floor??

These are the things that I had to pick up off the floor this morning:

• TV tray that was disassembled

• Small dental mirror

• Claw grabber hand

• Arm sling

• Tae Kwon Do kicking paddle

• 2 USB cords

• Old phone with push-button dialing

• Light saber

• Piece of cardboard with TV screen cutout

• Nerf gun

• Small robot


me: Jack, what did you do with all of those things on the floor?

Jack: I made a ship. That’s how it WAS!

me: What was?

Jack: That’s how it came. The tray.

me: I mean ALL of the things.

Jack: Like you know, on second thought never mind. It’s too complicated to explain.