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Sunday, Boring Sunday

Ok, let’s be clear. I’m not the one that’s bored. And technically Jack is still, sort of, sleeping so he’s not actually bored…yet. I released Moca into his bedroom and shut the door and could hear the muffled yelps from Jack as he was stunned awake by the exuberant pitbull with a love for burrowing under the covers. Time to wake up whether you want to or not!

I’m wondering if this is what it feels like to be retired. It must. I’ve been working remotely for about a week and a half. By the middle of last week I was losing track of which day it was. I thought Wednesday was Thursday and then didn’t realize it was Fri-Yay!Β  ??? What’s happening??

Well, for one, our typical schedules are WHACK and Jack and I are trying to co-exist in the kitchen on two different surfaces, each covered with our own working piles. We do want to be in the central area of the house, rather than sheltered away in our rooms. It would just feel even more weird to do that, though we would get the privacy we need. I think we like arguing about things so it makes us happy to share the smaller space and then nitpick each other to death LOL!

When I have to get on a “conference call”, which is now a glorified Facetime chat where we all complain about our hair and the bad lighting, while shushing pets and muffling the phone to answer our rude kids’ demands, Jack tries to banish me to the other end of the house. He can’t concentrate. Hmmm. He’s wearing the mega-expensive ear pods, which during normal times allow him to effectively ignore me when I call him for anything, like walking Moca, or folding his laundry. He can’t hear me for chores, but when I get on a call, suddenly it’s too loud for him πŸ™‚ So I take the call in my bedroom, trying to angle myself so they all see the nice wall and not the pile of laundry on my bed, or the dog that’s sleeping on my pillow. Some people think that’s gross, but it’s a part of life with a pitbull. Who’s with me on that!!?? Moca really does think she’s a human, and that’s just slightly above her thinking she’s a cat.

So, the days are all blending together, work has been getting done but in such a different fashion, and instead of being peppered with interruptions at your office door, or a quick buzz on your phone extension, I now need to get up, walk down the hall, make sure my hair is somewhat brushed, or stuck under a baseball cap, etc. It takes way more time to be interrupted at home. I can’t turn back to my computer and continue typing to show how busy I am! πŸ™‚Β  And, because the times are so strange, and we’re all dealing with the abnormal situation here, I want to talk to people more. If I call a vendor, I might stay on the phone for a half hour! How’s the family, how’s business, what can I do to help, etc etc. Things are just different and they are going to continue to be different for quite awhile.

Jack has gotten into the routine of schoolwork, chores, Xbox. With breaks for food and the bathroom and occasional shower. We’re saving a TON on water this month. Ahem.

When I ask him to PLEASE please please turn off Xbox and come down to do something, anything with me (cards? ride bikes? draw? movie???) he usually slumps on the couch while simultaneously exhaling… I’m bored! Like, he didn’t even sit down yet and he’s bored. It must be strange for him too… no crowded school halls and classrooms, no after school rowing gang, no friends over, no nothing! Xbox is his social outlet and it does make me happy to hear him cracking up while talking to his friends and playing. He is very loud also. OH, funny story… the other night I heard him talking to someone whose voice I didn’t recognize, and I’m like who’s the creepy sounding guy, uh-uh no way is this happening. So I headed up to his room and barged in. Then I realized it was his dad on speakerphone LOL! Jack was making wild hand gestures to shoo me out as they talked about which weapon did what and does this blah-blah-blah make this happen and how did he know that, etc. Sigh.

So, yeah, maybe he’s not bored at all and maybe I am. πŸ™‚ Longest post in a few months, eh?

me: Jack! It’s almost 10, time to get down here and eat breakfast!

Jack: (muffled mumbling)

me: It’s getting late, come down and get some breakfast. (I go upstairs and check to see if he’s up, Moca is still in his room from when I let her in to jump on him at 9:30 hahaha).

Jack: Stop letting Moca in here, she just waits by the door and it’s annoying. It’s only 9, why are you waking me up?

me: It’s almost 10…Β  Want to watch a movie? Harry Potter? I’m in the mood for a marathon today.

Jack: (silence)

I think he went back to bed. Sigh.

Well, I have a big list of chores ready for us, and plans to cook a few meals… our seedlings have started sprouting (mostly the beans). So maybe it won’t be such a boring Sunday.

Let me know how all of you are doing out there! Be safe and try not to be too bored today! Make it a great day somehow!!

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Prism Glasses and why they are so important

Jack was laying in bed last night reading with me, and Bella, who comes up for some puppy free time. πŸ™‚

He wanted to lay back and read but not hold his head up. Here was his monologue.

Jack: Mom, you know those prism glasses? 

me: No, what’re they?

Jack: These glasses that let you lay down and read without lifting your head. I need those. This would be so easy with them. They reflect the words up here and you don’t have to even lift your head. That’s great if your tired. (Pause)  Or if you have a neck injury.

me: ….


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All in a day’s work. Or two hours of my morning.

Jack’s friend Evan is sleeping over. It’s a win win because Jack has company to keep him happy and occupied, and I get to still have Jack “with” me, rather than sleeping away, which sometimes makes me feel lonely  πŸ˜¦

My kitty Ed is doing ok but slowly declining in health due to his cancer. Untreatable. :(. He now loves to take baths in my tub each day. Haha so strange!!

Here’s the text I sent to Evan’s mom this morning.

“Quick update: Boys to bed at 11 last night, asleep around 12:30am. Up at 9am. Two breakfasts. One they made themselves. Kitchen not too bad! One horrific bloody nose (Evan), one bout of diarrhea (Jack), and one round of puking (Ed). 3 peeing accidents located and cleaned (I hope all Ed!) blood cleaned off couch, maple syrup waterfall found on ottoman and dripping on rug so I dammed it up, and puke cleaned off rug. Ed fell asleep in the tub with 1/2 inch of water during all this and almost drowned. Jack asked why I still have the towel on my head 2 hours after showering and is it because I’m LAZY! πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆ”

me: Boys let’s go! (Headed out for a hike) Clean up your messes and get dressed. 

Jack: Why aren’t you helping.You didn’t do anything all day and you’re not even dressed yet!

me: Sigh…



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Need for speed

A tiny glimpse into our Saturday wake-up routine… In real time…

me: Jack!

Jack: What!

me: C’mere!

Jack: Ugh! (Clomps downstairs) Can I play my game?

me: in a minute. Can you please go get Biscuit?

Jack: Where is he???

me: In the ball, out there… (I wave my hand vaguely towards the living room.)

Jack: (finds Biscuit in the kitchen) How long has he been in this?

me: What time does my clock say?? (I’m much too lazy to roll over and look)

Jack: 7:50.

me: Wow I actually got some sleep! I put him in the ball around 6:45 when he jiggled the roof of his cage and then started flipping his house. That’s my cue that he wants out.

Jack: Here you go little buddy! (He dumps Biscuit out of the ball onto the roof of his house.) Now can I play my game?

me: Which one?

Jack: Need for Speed.

me: Racing?

Jack: Yes.

me: 20 minutes.

Jack: 30!

me: 25.

Jack: 35!

me: That’s not how negotiating works. Okay 30, but set the timer.

Jack: Nooo the ticking is annoying! Just get me in 30 minutes.

me: (Ooohh maybe I can doze off one more time …?) Okay, see you in 30.

Sadly, more sleep did not happen. Biscuit started flipping his house again (I removed it), a singular LOUD catbird took up residence right outside my open window “Raaow Raaaaoooow!'”, and then, as you lucky readers can see, I decided to blog! And now I need to go to the bathroom. I told you! Real time!

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Jack: I hit my head really hard when I was dancing! Me: But, you were asleep…

How can a child actually hurt himself when he was (supposed to be) asleep? Oh that’s easy! Yeah like I know the answer. Jack was all tucked into bed, with a hot water bottle, because he’s 80, remember? He dozed off and I went down to take a shower. Out of habit, I grabbed the baby monitor because I can see if it turns to red while I’m in the shower. Red means he’s yelling or crying or whatever. I didn’t see anything. All of a sudden the bathroom door swings open and scares the crap out of me.

Jack: WAAAHHHHHHHH!!! I hit my head!

me: Hold on, let me get out of the shower… What the heck happened?

Jack: I was dancing and hit my head really hard.

me: You were sleeping!

Jack: No I was dancing and rocking back and forth.

me: In your sleep?

Jack: NO!

me: Does it hurt?

Jack: That’s why I’m crying!

me: Where are your clothes? (I notice that he has nothing on but little undies)

Jack: I took them off.

me: Seriously what kind of party was going on up there??

Jack: The kind that HURT MY HEAD! Can you look??

me: Oh, yeah, sorry. It looks okay. Do you want ice?

Jack: No I’m freezing.

me: Then get back in bed with the hot water bottle. And put your clothes on!

Jack: No, they make me sweat.

me: Sigh.

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Even when you can sleep in, you can’t really sleep in

Jack stayed at his dad’s place for the first time this weekend. (yep, he’s no longer living here). I was having mixed feelings about the whole thing, but overall I knew Jack would have a fun time, so therefore I didn’t worry too much. I had to get a grip on actually having FREE time. That is a very strange concept, since the last 6.5 years I’ve been on 24/7 Mom-duty. It’s a hard habit to break.

At 7am this morning my eyes flew open and I thought I overslept. For what you ask? Who knows! Internal clock has been set to wake between 6 and 7am for as long as I can remember. I expected Jack to come crashing down the stairs and into my room. But the house was quiet. I heard Ed meowing for his breakfast and Bella jiggling the doorknob trying to get in. That was it. Then I called Jack.

Jack: Hi Mom!

me: Hi Sweetie! Did you have a good night? Sorry I didn’t talk to you before you fell asleep.

Jack: That’s okay, we had to get everything set up and guess what! Dad has XBox 360.

me: Yeah I know.

Jack: I played Cars!

me: Cool. What time did you get up this morning?

Jack: Oh about 6am, I don’t remember.

me: I miss you.

Jack: Miss you love you and hope you had a good day and I’m going to play angry birds now and I already ate breakfast!

me: Take a breath.

Jack: Okay, bye, miss you love you.

me: Me too.

And there you have it. I survived the first weekend. So then I fell back to sleep (WHAT??) until almost 10am. Then woke up crippled from yesterday’s workout with TONY HORTON! Oh yeah!!!!! It’s a good pain. But I can’t wait to get my little boy back in this house to ramp up the mayhem. Ed just stares at me and then messes up the papers on my desk, and Bella continues to cough up hairballs all over the place. I’m losing my mind without the normal 6-year-old-boy craziness!

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I’m a Wildebeest


That’s what we played this morning. It all started last night around 4am. Okay, this morning around 4am. I went to bed late, after 12:30, because I had gone into NYC to see a lecture (cabaret really) by Christopher McDougall, the author of Born to Run, and who, after hearing him speak, will remind you of the Running version of Anthony Bourdain (potty mouth)! (Ooh Ooh, special guest appearance by Peter Sarsgaard!! Yes I met him!) Amazing book. I’m reading it for the 2nd time and it hasn’t lost one drop of appeal even though I know the outcome! Good stuff.

Anyway, I was super tired at 4am. Jack called for me.

Jack: Maaaaaaaaammmmmmmeeeeeeeeee-aaaaaaaaaaa. (I don’t know why he just doesn’t say Mommy…)

me: (once again stumbling up the stairs and tripping on the invisible Ed that tried to join me) Whasssuupp?

Jack: I think I’m wet.

me: (checking) I don’t feel anything. Need to go to the bathroom?

Jack: Yes. YES! Very bad! (knocks me out of the way)

me: Hold on before you fall in. (we don’t turn on ANY lights at 4am. None.)

Jack: You have to make it point down. (Ah, don’t you love having boys??)

me: Can’t you do this yourself?

Jack: Then I’d have to wash my hands and the cold water would wake me up too much.

me: You sound pretty awake as it is. (I’m now resting my head against the sink)

Jack: Tomorrow let’s play Wildebeest.

me: Okay, let’s talk about it in the morning. (we go get in bed, and Jack wraps himself in his “fur”)

Jack: I’m the ferocious daddy wildebeest and you’re the mommy wildebeest, okay?

me: Okay. G’night.

Jack: Wait, and Stripey is the baby, so in the monrning you have to come up and get me. Do NOT send Daddy. Then you come check on us and your baby. Mommy’s always check on their babies. Daddy’s don’t do that. (oh, so now he’s guilting me?)

me: Then I guess I need to sleep with Stripey since she’s the baby, right?

Jack: (mild panic) No, I’m a really GOOD daddy so I can take care of her.

me: Can I go to sleep now?

Jack: Yes. Grrrrrrrrr! (starts writhing around in his blanket)

me: Love you, good night.

(8am, yay he slept late!)
Jack: MOOOOOOOMmmmmmmaaaaaayyyy (puts his mouth right on the monitor) Mommy, can you please come up now!?

me: Sigh, it seems like I JUST did this.

I went up and we played Wildebeest for an hour or so. Does Dennis know how lucky he is? I think not.