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XBox live and other important things … like I have a new 12-year-old!

OMG the new puppy totally made me forget that Jack turned 12 and I need to update my banner at the top point point. I will do that this weekend. Lots going on in Jack’s world.

All heard from the back seat of my car…

Jack: dude I totally got Xbox live for my birthday.

Friend: OMG that is awesome! Now we can play together! Did you get silver or gold.

Jack: I got gold. Silver totally sucks.

Me: silver what? What are you talking about.

They pretend like they don’t hear me.

Friend: Yeah you totally can’t even talk on silver. It’s a waste.

Jack: I totally want to play BO 3.

Me: Hey,which version of halo is that?

Jack: nothing in that entire sentence made any sense mom. It’s zombies!

Me: Oh. Um. I totally meant call of duty! I don’t know why I said halo.

They were back to ignoring me again.

Friend: Dude, you have so many awesome games maybe we can trade like if we switch each other’s gaming name we can totally use each other’s accounts and like play each other’s games and like do other stuff!

At least that’s what I thought he was saying ha ha.

Anyway apparently Xbox live is something that gives you magical powers and makes everyone love you.

The end.

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Define annoying…

Today we had a 90 minute delay due to snow so I had to drive Jack to school. We made a quick stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for hot cocoa. The puppy Moca went into her crate nicely and Bella was enjoying the peace and quiet.

We were driving along when Jack saw one of his friends standing outside waiting for the bus.

Jack: Hey you scrub!

me: why are you yelling that at that kid? Is that what you guys call each other?

Jack: no, I called him a scrub because he’s annoying.

Me: oh, I thought he was your friend, but he’s annoying?

Jack: he’s not really my friend he’s just very annoying so I call him a scrub.

Me: well, how annoying to you have to be to be called a scrub? What does he do?

Jack: he just ask annoying that’s all

Me: is he annoying like a bully? Like poking at you and stuff?

Jack: no he doesn’t do that he just annoys me.

Me: what exactly does he do to annoy you? Tell me what he does that’s annoying to you.

Jack: kind of like what you’re doing right now.

Me: sigh…

I’ll leave you with a recent photo of Jack from the other day, and one of Moca this morning with her sweater and boots. We had just come in from shoveling the driveway ha ha.

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Jack: Can we move to Canada?

Things heard while driving Jack and his friend to school today. 

Jack: I voted for Tom Hanks.

Friend: Donald Trump is a businessman, so he can fix the economy.

me: let’s hope so…

Jack: We can still move to Canada!

Friend: Canadians talk funny.

Jack: Does this sound funny: free healthcare!?

me: Geez…

Friend: Things Donald Trump will do: Paint the White House gold!!!

And now on to things that are a little more important in a 7th graders mind…

Jack: Mom, it’s picture retake day, and I’m wearing the wrong shirt and I look like a scrub! We have to go home so I can put on my blue collared shirt!! And, I should’ve packed shorts for gym, in case we do interpretive dance! Our worst fear is that someone is there taking pictures for the yearbook, ugh!!

me: Sigh… 

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All about that Zika

It’s a buzz word that all kids are hearing, using and have some fear of: Zika. It’s in the news and all over the radio, and their friends are talking about it. It’s gotten so that it has become a comical word that Jack and his friends use when they talk to each other. And sometimes when they talk to their mom.

I drive Jack and his friend to school this morning.

me: Jack, what did you end up making yourself for breakfast? (Jack usually grab a bowl of cereal while I get ready. And then he asks for his second breakfast when I’m done ha ha)

Jack: Zika flakes.

His friend cracks up.

me: no seriously, what did you end up eating? I heard you making cereal.

Jack: Zika flakes, covered with a sprinkling of Zika.

More cackling.

me: Really?

Jack: no, really, it was Zika flakes covered in a sprinkling of Zika with a side order of toast and Zika and a cup of Zika juice.

OK I can see how this is going so I don’t expect to ever get a straight answer. All I have to do is go back and look at the crumbs on the counter to see what he had, ha ha.

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Iggos on board 

I just gave Jack and his friend a ride to school. They call each other Eggo, OK AutoCorrect get it right, it’s IgG oh.  “IGGO”. Sheesh.

Anyway, we were talking about movies and TV and then actors. Jack and I watched a movie last night with Morgan Freeman in it.

Jack: Morgan Freeman was the guy in Mockingjay that died.

Me: What? That wasn’t Morgan Freeman. Believe me Morgan Freeman doesn’t go into a movie for one minute and then die.

Jack: He was the guy that raised his hand and then got killed. Well, if it wasn’t him it looked just like him.

Me: Yeah it must’ve been someone that  looked like him. I’ve been watching Morgan Freeman since I was little. He was on this show called the electric company. We loved that show!

Friend: What kind of name is that for a show?

Me: We had shows like Sesame Street, Zoom, Villa Allegra, and Mr. Rogers neighborhood ha ha.

Jack: We have suicide squad!

Friend: Yeah we have Deadpool and suicide squad!! Oh, and South Park!

Me: We learned things like how to read and count and how to be nice to people.

Jack: I learned how to make a spoon into a weapon, do you know how to make a spoon into a weapon?!

Me: What are you talking about? Is that true!?

Jack: I’m just kidding…It sounded funny after all your stuff from the 1980s.

Me: That would be more like the 1970s.

Friend: Whatever, that be ooooolllld!

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Presents upon the return

Jack always somewhat expects a gift when he returns from his dad’s place after a weekend away. I sonetimes give in to the expectation and leave something on the car seat for him to find when he gets off the train. 

Sometimes it’s a toy or snack or something he needs. Last week I think it was a free book I got at the library and some gum. Haha, I know, awesome right?

Anyway the book was 13 Gifts, which I started to read and of which unapproved for an 11-year-old,  and the gum was, I think, Extra with the truth or dare questions in the wrappers.

Anyway, Jack jumped in the car after saying goodbye to his dad. I had just raced the train down the street as I saw it moving parallel to me in the tracks. I was going to be late if any of the lights changed. But I made it just in time.

me: Did you see me racing the train as it pulled in?

Jack: No. 

me: Oh, well it was cool to do the same speed as the train for awhile.

Jack: (looking at the stuff on his seat) What’s this?

me: A book I got at the library. It’s really cool, and I know you’ll like it even though the main character is a girl because—

Jack: I already read this in 4th grade.

me: Oh, wow 3 years ago huh? Ok. Did you like it?

Jack: It wasn’t that great.

me: But the part about stealing the goat was funny.

Jack: You read it??

me: Not really… Hey look at the gum though!

Jack: Oh I wanted this kind, it has truth or dare on each stick.

me: Let’s do one.

Jack: Allnthe dares say to tweet something. I don’t have Twitter. (Pause) Or a phone.

me: Sigh.

I received withering stares in the mirror for the rest of the ride home.


Now enjoy the photos from Jack’s new hobby/sport… BMX!

More to come on that!

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Online shopping … And selling

Okay, so I’ve joined the Poshmark millions and started my online store that sells all the old items from my closet. Yes I did! And no this is not beneath me! I’m selling a ton. And buy a ton I mean only a few hundred $$ so far. But still! app…It’s free! Get out your old stuff, take photos, set a price and sell! People place an order with their credit card and the app gives you the shipping label! Easy peasy!

I’m @tkd_chick (taekwondo of course) so look me up if you’re in the neighborhood!

I sell a lot in California so I wake up to orders every week. Like a mini Christmas celebration. 🙂

me: Ha! I sold a pair of pants while I was in the bathroom this morning!


Jack: Were they the ones you were wearing?


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Subaru Confessions – Middle School

Jack: In Sweden they have this wall of gum and everyone sticks their old gum on there. 

me: It’s in Seattle.

Jack: Seattle, Sweden, same diff.

me: Not really…

Jack: The guy from Dude Perfect stuck a book to the wall there.

me: Ew, that’s gross.

Jack: No that’s awesome.


Jack: Guess what, I figured out the best way to be first on the bus after school.

me: This should be good.

Jack: So, before last period, you go get everything ready that you need and put it in your backpack in your locker. Then, you set up your locker combination by dialing the first two numbers and then leaving it right before the last number, and so when you get there after the last class you only have to do the last number.  

Then you’re like click, grab, slam, done! It’s like one second!

me: Why do you need to be first on the bus?

Jack: To get the best seat, duh…