I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.


London: Days 5-7 :)

(Flowers outside our hotel…)

Ok I’m a little behind. We’ve been so busy that I’ve dropped into a coma of a sleep each night with a blog post half started. Sorrreeeee!

Jack: I’m not tired.

me: That’s because you’re wired. You had sugar and that weird M&M Milkshake.

Jack: Tummy hurts. That didn’t taste real.

me: Because it’s not. Bleh! Try counting sheep. Have them jump over the fence and ….

Jack: And what?

me: Huh? (I think I was asleep lol)

The last few days have been amazing. We’ve done a lot of touristy things and some off the trodden path things. Do I sound British yet mate?

me: Gettin a bit peckish!

Jack: You’re always hungry.

me: Manners mate! Sigh.

I already covered Wednesday so let’s see… Thursday we did our morning run around the London Eye square, then did a hop on hop off bus tour over to sort of near Piccadilly Circus. Crowded there but it was nice out so we didn’t mind more walking. We shopped, bought Jack a biking sized back pack,  I lost my credit card, then found my credit card (oy) and then we went to the play “The Play That Goes Wrong”. Jack was howling laughing it was so funny 🙂
But before the play we ate at St. James pub. Fish and Chips again for me. Yum! 

We walked back to the hotel after the play as it was so nice out again!

Friday was our Stonehenge tour day. Long ride out to the countryside by bus and then a walk around the stones and then the bus ride back. I kind of expected it to be like that however it’s still worth the trip. Amazing things to see with your own eyes, those bloody big stones!

(Requisite tea)

(Rapeseed fields on the way to Stonehenge)

Jack: Kind of just a long ride and a short visit. 

me: Yep, but we saw the stones.

Jack: I’m gonna run around them.

me: Of course you are.

Jack: Time me! Bet I can do it in under 2 minutes!

me: Go!

(4:08 later)

Jack: Pant, wheeze, Everyone got in my way!

me: 4 minutes good time!

Jack: There, that’s my exercise for the day. Let’s get the shuttle back.


This morning we walked to get a “proper” English breakfast, which happened to be at an Italian restaurant haha, but it was yummy. 

Prior to that we returned a book to Waterstones book store. Jack read it in one day. So we returned it and got the next one. 

Back to the breakfast…

They brought us the largest plates of food with eggs, ham, sausage, potato, mushrooms, toast, beans, and tomato. Omg. Tea with milk of course for me! My new fave. Jack had a cute little bottle of Italian Orange juice.

Then we made an impromptu stop into the FREE National Gallery at Trafalgar Square. I love the word free in this city.

 Jack opted to sit near a window and continue reading book 11 of the Cherub series. I saw mouth-watering paintings by Turner, Seurat, Cezanne, Pissarro, Van Gogh, Rubens, Monet and Stubbs jut to name a few… I feel smarter and more cultured. Ahhhhh. When I was done, I dragged him back to look at Van Gogh.

me: The sunflowers from the Doctor Who episode, remember?

Jack: Oh yeah, (glances at the painting) cool, can we go? (Speed walks out of the room)

See if you can name the artists in order! In the comments please!

Do it now.

Wasn’t that easy??

Ok…We are back at the hotel reading (Jack) and blogging (me), to chill for a bit. We have plans to visit Platform 9 3/4 soon. Harry Potter fans have been knocking themselves out trying to run right at that wall haha. Let’s see how we do.

me: Jack, we forgot the changing of the guards!

Jack: What? (Always with the headphones on)

me: We forgot the changing of the guards! At 10:30!

Jack: Oh whatever.

That’s about where we are mentally. All Londoned out I guess. Leaving bright and early tomorrow (9:40 am flight = 4:40am US time!). Just left the blog for a wee bit and confirmed the shuttle arriving at bloody 5:40 am which is 1:40 am at home! Also checked in to the airlines, changed our seats and got our boarding passes. Then I started packing and realized I hadn’t finished the blog. I think Jack has been in the bathroom this entire time!

London: Day 4

Wednesday! Halfway through the vacation week!

We had a full day today with a Tour for Muggles (Harry Potter walking tour), visited Abbey Road (Beatles, people!) and did a Ghost Bus Tour (nighttime bus ride with gristly details of London’s murders and notorious characters.

Another great day in London! We Ubered the heck out of this day!

We ate THE best burger of my life at Byron burger near Leicester Square. Actually it was near the bookstore alleyway that was the inspiration for JK Rowling’s version of Diagon Alley. Such a good little tour this morning.

I thought the ghost bus tour was a little Corny but Jack really liked it! I was worried he would be scared…

me: Jack are you ok with this?

Jack: What’s going to happen??

me: I don’t know…we’ll have to wait and see.

Jack: Look it up!

me: Sheesh…

Jack: Hold me.

(The other people on the bus had a chuckle at that)

Tired and leaving you with some pics from today. Nighty-night!

London: Day 1.5

Includes things from the first night and first day 🙂 We arrived Saturday evening…

Jack and I are on our first vacation since we drove to South Carolina last August! We are in need of some down time. We hate leaving Moca and Bella but we can’t take them with us 🙂

We had a great uneventful trip to the airport and through customs. Our reserved shuttle was on time and easy to find in the airport. The hotel Citadines Trafalgar Square is in an excellent location close to everything! We are psyched 🙂

When we got to the hotel we were given a free smart phone which jack has claimed to call home and use however he wants while we are here.

The room is like a small apartment. Perfect for us and we can cook breakfast and snacks etc. we didn’t expect to spend much time there but it’s comfortable either way. Gym next door is included. Bonus! 

We did a lot of walking and got our bearings… Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, the River Thames and 10 mikes of other sights like the Tower Bridge, London Bridge (yes I sang the song as we crossed and scared Jack haha). 

We saw a restaurant ice cream place called Milk Train, with a line around the Corner, and then a restaurant called Broccoli Pizza and Pasta with no line 🙂

me: Why isn’t that place crowded?

Jack: If the first word is Broccoli, that can’t be good.

We couldn’t get over the 77 degree temps and clear blue sky! 

Cheerio! Hope to post more tonight to catch up on yesterday’s fun and today’s :)…

Last day in the U.S.

Some random things heard after Jack got off the bus yesterday. Now we areHappily flying to London! 300km away. Will post upon landing!



Jack: The secret is not to breathe

me: For what?

Jack: On how to eat massive amounts of food.


Jack: Me gusta tocar migo. Hahaha!

me: You like what?

Jack: Hahahahaha.

me: (looking on Google translate) Sigh.


I’ll stay my brilliant London posts tonight hopefully! 😉

Germany: Day 5

Still in Koln! Still at IDS! 

Well right now I’m in bed. 🙂

It’s a bit of a repeat from day 4, so not much new to report. Work dinner hotel bed. Tomorrow is our last full day and then we fly home. Back to reality! 

I had this great tea at a publisher’s booth and had to share it.

Dinner was in the “going out” section of Koln. Very trendy and crowded. People would sit outside and eat while snuggling under blankets supplied by the restaurants! Very neat-o!

I called Jack after we ate and after he got home from school.

Jack: I thought you were showing me the restaurant?

We were facetiming and I told Jack I would walk into the restaurant to show him what it looked like. Then I tried to say goodbye without doing that!

me: Sorry, sure  let’s go. 

I walked into the bar and held his face up.

me: This is where we ate dinner. (I rotated the screen through the restaurant bar and he saw how everyone stopped talking as they looked to see what was going on.)

Jack: Can’t hear you!

me: I’m not talking right now, just showing. Too loud! Have to put the phone up to your face now to talk. (Everyone thought I was nuts)

Jack: Ok goodnight!

me: Goodnight.

Drunk German guy making fun of me: Gooot Naaaaght. (Laughter)

Haha those funny Germans.

Gute Nacht to you.

Germany: Day 4

Could this tradeshow convention hall BE any bigger? There are 11 halls and hundreds of booths in each hall. Some halls are more than one floor even. Today, while working at our booth, I managed to walk 6.5 miles. OMG.

It was a busy work day with some fun added in. Some of the bigger companies have booths with dance music and they start their day with a group exercise class complete with aerobic instructor in workout gear and headphone mic. 

We got another little break at the end of the day and walked around in the old part of the city which was so much fun. I bought a few paintings of the Dom Cathedral and a LOT of chocolates and souvenirs to bring home. 

We had a GREAT dinner and I asked the waiter to bring me whatever he wanted. It was seriously one of the best meals I ever had. It involved cabbage, pork, potatoes and cream. Go figure. I’m sure it was a diet dish. :O

We have all types of people working at our booth: the Guy from Romania (he is here to add the exotic flair), the girl from Poland (for comedic timing), the German guy and girl (for local flavor) and the US gang which stands out like a sore thumb in a crowd 😉

me: I have a present for youuuuu…

Jack: What is it??

me: Something in a box.

Jack: Come on!

me: And some plastic.

Jack: Give me a hint!

me: It’s from Germany.

Jack: Sigh.

Ha, Mom wins one finally and gets a sigh!

So tired. Will write more tomorrow. I mean today after day 5. 🙂

Germany: Day 3

It was another busy day at the IDS dental  show in Koln, Germany on Wednesday. We had many meetings with our distributors and vendors, and had hundreds of customers visit our booth. We’ve spoken about a dozen languages between us all! In dem zahnzwischenraum! (Inside joke)

There weren’t too many opportunities to sit and rest so our feet are a bit sore 😦 we log about 8 miles on our Fitbits each day too!

We were able to walk around before dinner and do some shopping and of course pickup souvenirs and chocolates, but I still have more shopping to do.

The temperature has been great, 50’s, and is expected to go up even more this week. The lights are warm at the booth so we are always just a bit on the sweaty side. I’m hearing it’s. I’ve and cold back home haha. Glad I’m missing it!

We had an amazing traditional German dinner at Roter Ochsen, near the Rhine River. Bratwurst, blood sausage. Schnitzel, apple strudel, beer beer beer! I tried a little bit of everything.

Jack called during dinner and I stepped outside to FaceTime with him. I wanted to show him the restaurant and the sights.

me: Hey Jack look! Here’s the river and the river boats, and the restaurant we are eating at right now. Can you see everyone inside? Look, there’s Bill and Bob and Mirja and Andrei, remember him from last year when they visited and we went to Five Guys? Are you waving? See? They’re all waving! And those are some other sales people…

Jack: Mom, I can only see my own reflection in the window.

me: Sigh. Ok on that note, goodnight!

I tossed and turned all night ugh, Day 4 is going to be tough!