I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.


London: Days 5-7 :)

(Flowers outside our hotel…)

Ok I’m a little behind. We’ve been so busy that I’ve dropped into a coma of a sleep each night with a blog post half started. Sorrreeeee!

Jack: I’m not tired.

me: That’s because you’re wired. You had sugar and that weird M&M Milkshake.

Jack: Tummy hurts. That didn’t taste real.

me: Because it’s not. Bleh! Try counting sheep. Have them jump over the fence and ….

Jack: And what?

me: Huh? (I think I was asleep lol)

The last few days have been amazing. We’ve done a lot of touristy things and some off the trodden path things. Do I sound British yet mate?

me: Gettin a bit peckish!

Jack: You’re always hungry.

me: Manners mate! Sigh.

I already covered Wednesday so let’s see… Thursday we did our morning run around the London Eye square, then did a hop on hop off bus tour over to sort of near Piccadilly Circus. Crowded there but it was nice out so we didn’t mind more walking. We shopped, bought Jack a biking sized back pack,  I lost my credit card, then found my credit card (oy) and then we went to the play “The Play That Goes Wrong”. Jack was howling laughing it was so funny 🙂
But before the play we ate at St. James pub. Fish and Chips again for me. Yum! 

We walked back to the hotel after the play as it was so nice out again!

Friday was our Stonehenge tour day. Long ride out to the countryside by bus and then a walk around the stones and then the bus ride back. I kind of expected it to be like that however it’s still worth the trip. Amazing things to see with your own eyes, those bloody big stones!

(Requisite tea)

(Rapeseed fields on the way to Stonehenge)

Jack: Kind of just a long ride and a short visit. 

me: Yep, but we saw the stones.

Jack: I’m gonna run around them.

me: Of course you are.

Jack: Time me! Bet I can do it in under 2 minutes!

me: Go!

(4:08 later)

Jack: Pant, wheeze, Everyone got in my way!

me: 4 minutes good time!

Jack: There, that’s my exercise for the day. Let’s get the shuttle back.


This morning we walked to get a “proper” English breakfast, which happened to be at an Italian restaurant haha, but it was yummy. 

Prior to that we returned a book to Waterstones book store. Jack read it in one day. So we returned it and got the next one. 

Back to the breakfast…

They brought us the largest plates of food with eggs, ham, sausage, potato, mushrooms, toast, beans, and tomato. Omg. Tea with milk of course for me! My new fave. Jack had a cute little bottle of Italian Orange juice.

Then we made an impromptu stop into the FREE National Gallery at Trafalgar Square. I love the word free in this city.

 Jack opted to sit near a window and continue reading book 11 of the Cherub series. I saw mouth-watering paintings by Turner, Seurat, Cezanne, Pissarro, Van Gogh, Rubens, Monet and Stubbs jut to name a few… I feel smarter and more cultured. Ahhhhh. When I was done, I dragged him back to look at Van Gogh.

me: The sunflowers from the Doctor Who episode, remember?

Jack: Oh yeah, (glances at the painting) cool, can we go? (Speed walks out of the room)

See if you can name the artists in order! In the comments please!

Do it now.

Wasn’t that easy??

Ok…We are back at the hotel reading (Jack) and blogging (me), to chill for a bit. We have plans to visit Platform 9 3/4 soon. Harry Potter fans have been knocking themselves out trying to run right at that wall haha. Let’s see how we do.

me: Jack, we forgot the changing of the guards!

Jack: What? (Always with the headphones on)

me: We forgot the changing of the guards! At 10:30!

Jack: Oh whatever.

That’s about where we are mentally. All Londoned out I guess. Leaving bright and early tomorrow (9:40 am flight = 4:40am US time!). Just left the blog for a wee bit and confirmed the shuttle arriving at bloody 5:40 am which is 1:40 am at home! Also checked in to the airlines, changed our seats and got our boarding passes. Then I started packing and realized I hadn’t finished the blog. I think Jack has been in the bathroom this entire time!

London: Day 1.5

Includes things from the first night and first day 🙂 We arrived Saturday evening…

Jack and I are on our first vacation since we drove to South Carolina last August! We are in need of some down time. We hate leaving Moca and Bella but we can’t take them with us 🙂

We had a great uneventful trip to the airport and through customs. Our reserved shuttle was on time and easy to find in the airport. The hotel Citadines Trafalgar Square is in an excellent location close to everything! We are psyched 🙂

When we got to the hotel we were given a free smart phone which jack has claimed to call home and use however he wants while we are here.

The room is like a small apartment. Perfect for us and we can cook breakfast and snacks etc. we didn’t expect to spend much time there but it’s comfortable either way. Gym next door is included. Bonus! 

We did a lot of walking and got our bearings… Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, the River Thames and 10 mikes of other sights like the Tower Bridge, London Bridge (yes I sang the song as we crossed and scared Jack haha). 

We saw a restaurant ice cream place called Milk Train, with a line around the Corner, and then a restaurant called Broccoli Pizza and Pasta with no line 🙂

me: Why isn’t that place crowded?

Jack: If the first word is Broccoli, that can’t be good.

We couldn’t get over the 77 degree temps and clear blue sky! 

Cheerio! Hope to post more tonight to catch up on yesterday’s fun and today’s :)…

Germany: Day 6

We are done with the IDS show! It was a really successful show for us, so we are super happy. Got out a little early today with the plan to go to the Chocolate factory, Starbucks (in German of course), the mustard factory, the nutcracker factory and to walk around the old part of the city. We did it all… plus took a long walk along the Rhine!

Then we met up with some old business friends for a serious dinner. More beer. Coaster flipping. I got to 14 in one night. The reigning champion with 20 years experience got up to 21. So I wasn’t that bad!

I had some more pork products with cabbage and potato dumplings. So insanely good!

I won a Fitbit today and bought so many gifts and sweets that I’m afraid to pack my carry on luggage. This should be fun!

I talked to Jack and he had received his report card yesterday. We had been worried about one or two classes at the halfway point but he seemed to have brought everything up 🙂

Jack: I got 2 A+’s, 7 A’s and 2 B’s.

me: Wow that’s so good! I’m proud of you!

Jack: But my grade point dropped down to a 3.65. (He had high honors last time)

me: Awww hoes that possible  when you have so many A’s? 

Jack: I had more A+’a last time, that’s how.

me: Ok well we can work on that and bring them up again…

Jack: Nah, this is WAY better than I thought I was gonna do so I’m good…

And there you have it. I’ll see the report card when I get home tomorrow! Last night in Koln…it has been a great trip!

Why it doesn’t pay to “fib”. Okay “lie”.

I took Jack to the gym today and told them he was 13. He’s not of course, but luckily looks like he’s 14. I just wanted to go to the gym and have a nice hour with him and work out. And he wanted to go with me! Is that too much to ask? Yes it is. 

So I drove around for 15 minutes looking for a parking place, went inside and lied about his age. They didn’t have the free week pass anymore. They didn’t have the free month if you sign up and they didn’t have any day passes I could use. So I was going to sign him up for an illegal membership. 

It was so crowded that we waited another 10 minutes for someone to help us. That person was unqualified to do memberships so I could either wait longer or do a $25 day pass. I thought that would be quicker. We signed up and they didn’t have my card on file. I didn’t have my card with me. I told the 20 year old employee that i knew all the numbers but he looked skeptical that anyone my age could remember that many digits. He needed approval to do that. Of course…

That person wasn’t available so I rattled off the digits and he tried to figure out where to enter them. Finally we got clearance. Then the receipt wouldn’t print and I was like It’s ok really! We’re going now! But they insisted on giving me that little paper which I then crumpled up and threw away without breaking eye contact with the kid behind the counter. Lol.

We went to watch a movie and do cardio. Jason Bourne!

No treadmills were available. We hooped in elliptical machines and I turned my phone light on to the horror of everyone in the room. 

Jack: Mom, how does this work?

me: Hold on… (shine light, hit quick start, set levels, etc) There just go and adjust with this button.

I finally hoooed in my machine and got into a rhythm.

3 minutes later…

Jack: I’m bored.

me: Sigh, ok let’s go try some other machines and the prowler.

We had a good time after that and worked out for about an hour. Jack was really getting into it and I liked being with him.

Jack: Soni don’t have a membership?

me: No just the day pass, which is $5 cheaper than the month membership.

Jack: Not really worth it.

me: You probably won’t come back that often so it’s ok. We saved $5! Let’s look on the bright side!

We left the gym only to find a $15 ticket on my windshield for obstructing traffic with my park job in between two other cars that looked to be legally parked!

Jack: Now that wasn’t worth it.

me: Sigh.

7 browser tabs that describe my life

7. Relaxation Methods for kids http://www.innerhealthstudio.com/relaxation-for-children.html

Jack: I’m already relaxed, and that doesn’t work anyway!

6.  Positive Affirmations http://www.planetofsuccess.com/blog/2015/powerfully-positive-affirmations-for-kids/

Jack: I am awesome! No need to affirm.

5. Five essential commands you can teach your dog. https://www.cesarsway.com/dog-training/obedience/5-essential-commands-you-can-teach-your-dog

Jack: Mom, you’re not doing it right. Show her the treat!!!!

me: sigh.

4. School lunch Calendar. https://www.trumbullps.org/Attachments/food/menu/mid.pdf

me: Jack, I don’t have time to pack you a lunch, so you’ll have to eat school lunch today.

Jack: That food is for scrubs. I guess I’ll go hungry!

me: I think it’s taco day.

Jack: Oh never mind, their tacos are awesome!

3. Webster Arena Parking. http://www.websterbankarena.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=205157093

Jack: I don’t even like twenty one pilots, that is the worst present ever!

me: Well, I didn’t know that. And if I can’t sell the tickets, we are going.


Jack: Mom, I changed my mind, I really really really want to go!

Me: sigh

2. Invisible fence company. http://www.freedomfence-ny.com/

Jack: That’s awesome! I can’t wait until I can just let Moca outside, and not have to walk her.

me: You still have to walk her.

Jack: Awww. 

1.  Which Oyster Ticket to purchase in London. http://www.sandyhookpromise.org/startwithhelloweekemail

Jack and I are going to London in April. Just me and him. No dog. No cat. Just a real vacation. I may even delete my work email for that week. Ha!

Jack: OMG I can’t believe we’re really going to London! 

me: We can visit all the Doctor Who spots and go on the London Eye!

Jack: Where are we staying?

me: In a hotel.

Jack: Very funny. 

What does a sneeze smell like?

Our actual conversation on the way to school. I really can’t make this sh*t up.

Jack: The car smells like my sneezes.

me: What does that mean?

Jack: Like how my own sneeze smells.

me: Does it smell like melted butter?

Jack: No, that doesn’t even make sense.


An answer for everything

me: Jack, I don’t want you walking around getting ready for bed with your iPod stuck to your face. Put it down and use it when you’re done.

Jack: But I’m just watching videos!

me: Take a little break and use it later or tomorrow please.

Jack: But why?

me: Because if you have that glued to your face all day you’re not giving yourself a chance to be creative and use your own imagination. It’s doing all the thinking for you and you’re not creating anything with your own brain.

Jack: But I get all my creative ideas from the videos I watch.

me: I … Uh… Sigh.

Sometimes I just run out of arguments.